Mattress Topper vs Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector – The Differences Explained!

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Mattress toppers, pads, and protectors… are they all the same thing? Or are they different? Luckily, Mattress Clarity is here to help explain the differences. Be sure to check out our video to learn all about them!

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Mattress toppers, pads, and protectors are all different mattress accessories that do different things! Toppers are a budget friendly option to make your old mattress feel new again. They’re often made of slabs of memory foam that offer pressure relief, and can help make a firm bed feel softer, too. Some can attach to your mattress with a skirt or straps, while others just fit under your fitted sheet.

Pads are similar to toppers, but they’re much thinner and are really only intended to add a small amount of plush softness to the top of your mattress. But more often than not, they’re going to have a skirt as part of their design so they can firmly attach to your mattress.

Protectors are designed to do just that: protect your mattress. These are a waterproof barrier to keep your mattress from getting too dirty or letting liquid reach your mattress. These can be made of a variety of materials but the goal is the same: protect your mattress!

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There are three types of mattress Accessories a mattress topper a mattress Protector and a mattress pad but are They all the same thing or do they do Something different what's up world it's Tony the sleeve accessories editor for Mattress Clarity and as the accessories Expert I am here to provide some clarity On the subject if you want to read more In-depth information about Toppers Beddings and mattresses you can find it At let's get started [Music] Before I get started I do need to Mention that mattress Clarity does get Sent products to us for free for us to Test out and if you use our affiliate Links in the description box below to Purchase any of these items we may earn A commission this helps fund our Operation and keeps our content free for You guys Mattress toppers are thick slabs of foam That you place on top of your mattress Although sometimes they do come in down Or down alternative they typically are Used to help make firm beds feel much Softer or just kind of rejuvenate an old Bed there are budget friendly option Than just buying a brand new mattress Too mattress toppers aren't totally Intended to make super soft feeling Mattresses feel more firm although there Are some firm feeling mattress toppers

Out there now let's talk about some pros And cons for mattress toppers starting With our Pros mattress toppers are a Super affordable option to making your Bed feel softer or just making an old Bed feel new again and they also can Provide some extra softness and pressure Relief on a firm bed moving on to some Cons of mattress toppers they aren't Guaranteed to stay in place unless they Have something like a strap or a skirt To attach to your bed and depending on The material used to make up the topper They can trap heat Moving right along get out of here We have mattress pads now similarly to Mattress toppers mattress pads are going To provide some extra Comfort to your Existing mattress the main differences Here are that they are much thinner than Mattress toppers so they're not going to Provide as much comfort and pressure Relief as a Topper will and usually they Come with a fitted skirt like a fitted Sheet that you can put on your bed to Firmly attach it to your mattress and Again these are a great budget friendly Option to softening your mattress some Pros two mattress pads are again they're A budget friendly option to soften your Mattress and they do come with that Fitted skirt to firmly attach it to your Mattress one contou mattress pads though Is that they aren't going to provide as

Much comfort and pressure relief like a Mattress topper will And moving along Finally we have mattress protectors now Amongst all three of these mattress Accessories here's where the differences Become the most apparent protectors are An added often waterproof layer to your Mattress to help protect your mattress As that's what they're called mattress Protectors can help keep spills from Reaching your mattress and they can flat Off dust mites and dirt and other Unwanted guests in your bed but the main Thing to note here is that mattress Protectors aren't meant to add Additional comfort mattress protectors Are made from a lot of different Materials from really thick cotton to Plastic and silicone and I should note That the materials used will often Influence how much a protector cost so These can come in a wide range of prices Some pros for mattress protectors are That they are intended to protect your Mattress which can extend your Mattress's lifespan and mattress Protectors can really firmly attach to Your bed they either come with a fitted Skirt or they can be total enclosements For your mattress moving on to some cons Of mattress protectors is that depending On the material you use they can be a Little bit noisy and mattress protectors

Aren't intended to add any additional Comfort to your mattress well there you Have it the differences between a Topper Pad and protector explained so hopefully This video helped you out and you Learned something new today remember I've got some affiliate links for some Of my favorite Toppers pads and Protectors in the description box below And if you want to read more in-depth Information about all things sleep and Mattress related you can find it at I'll see you guys Next time bye [Music]