Mattress firmness for back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain? Bed firmness breakdown

Mattress firmness confusing? Not sure if you need a firm or soft mattress? What’s the difference between firm vs. soft mattresses? Wondering how to choose a mattress if you have hip, shoulder, or back pain? Find out how to buy the best bed for your body in this video so you can get a good night of pain free sleep.

0:56 Sleeping positions
1:14 – Back sleepers
1:41 – Side sleepers
2:15 – Stomach sleepers
3:30 – Personal mattress history (with back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain)
8:06 – Big money for the best mattress?
9:48 – Beds through human history (and the search for the perfect bed)

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In this video Matt explains how to choose the right mattress firmness. He shares his own experience with mattress brands over the years. He explains how bed firmness can affect you if you have chronic joint pain. And he shares tips for buying the best mattress at the lowest price.

If you have shoulder pain, it’s important to adopt the right sleeping positions to avoid making your shoulder problems worse. If you have back pain, the right bed and sleeping position can reduce your back pain. And if you have hip pain, knowing the effects of different mattress firmness will relieve hip pain as well!

When you’re faced with the dizzying array of beds, it’s important to realize that human beings have slept for centuries on floors, ropes, trees, and dirt! Expensive mattresses and beds don’t guarantee a good night’s sleep. The condition of your body will be a bigger influence on pain free sleep quality than obsessing over buying the PERFECT bed.

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