Mattress Causes Back Pain? We Test Puffy, Nectar, Purple and Dreamcloud

Puffy Lux

What’s the best mattress for back pain? Watch us test 4 popular online mattresses with our guest Jared Beckstrand, physical therapist and back pain expert.

Mattresses Featured in this video, in the order they appear:
Puffy Mattress:
Nectar Mattress:
Purple Mattress:
Dreamcloud Mattress:

Our Mattress Review Videos
Purple Mattress Review (our top pick if you have back pain):
Nectar Mattress Review (after a year):

Wedge Pillows:
Mattress Protector with 30% off any size:

We show you how different each of these mattresses support your spine according to your body type. Thank you for shopping through our links – it helps to support our channel at no cost to you.

How to pick the best mattress for your body type so you don’t have back pain. Your mattress can cause back pain or relieve back pain depending on your spinal alignment. Here we show you popular online mattress brands and how they affect your body.

Best mattress for side sleepers? If your body is more evenly aligned a memory foam mattress will work. If you’re heavier on the hips or shoulders, look for a more medium to firm bed.

When you sleep, it’s so important to maintain spinal alignment to prevent back and neck pain. We are going to go over the things to consider when looking for a mattress to help prevent lower back pain or back problems that crop up when you’re sleeping that you can feel when you wake up.

A huge thanks to Jared from Tone and Tighten for joining us. Check him out at or subscribe to the Tone and Tighten YouTube Channel:

Check out Jared’s video about the best sleeping positions for back pain, neck pain and sciatica here:

This video was not sponsored nor were we given any of the mattresses.

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