Map & Compass Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

Technology can be a great tool, especially with GPS, however it’s important to not solely depend on your smartphone when you’re lost in the backcountry. Packing a map and compass in your survival kit can help ensure that you find your way back to the trailhead. However, these tools are only reliable if you know how to use them. To get started, check out our guide on how to use a map and compass, or check out our compass comparison chart to find the best option for you.

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Hi guys welcome to this video and this Is anna again and i want to talk about Um the 10 items that you want to add to Your wilderness survival kit And while you might regularly go on a Hot on a on a day hike or venture on a Week-long backpacking trip it is always Advised to be prepared for the Unexpected and whether weather can Quickly change And you can lose your way Run out of water or even slip or get Hurt so a survival Kit is key so here are A few suggested Essentials so we are going to talk about Right now number one Map and compass so Technology can be a great tool and Especially with gps however it is Important to not solely depend on your Smartphone um when you’re lost in the on A Back country and Packing A map and a compass is your survival kit Um In so that you can ensure that you find Your way back to the trailhead so However um these tools are only reliable If You know how to use them so It is important to check out your guide On how to use a map and compass so i’m

Going to show you five websites we have Silva We have the compass store the bronton Um Dip and dive and cento or santo So um Basically i’m going to show you The compass first oh well let’s talk About maps first so when um in maps You can actually Stop by any state Regional or local visitor center in the United states and you’ll likely find Dozens if not hundreds of free paper Maps and brochures So um You know when you travel throughout the State you can usually find smaller Uh more specific visitor centers um For that region and city or town uh with More localized information And um Also you can check With um some In thrift stores or antique shops or Libraries or used bookstores um there’s Tons of maps there but if you want the Updated maps it’s best to just go To the nearest Shop where you can buy um maps So again going back to map at compass Basically i’m going to show you um The most handy compass that you can Bring

With you So let’s start here In silva you can see it’s pretty much um It really looks like a compass actually But You can see that it’s pretty handy you Can see that there’s a lace here And you just you can just put it Wrap it in your finger or in your hand Or Put it in your bag hang it hang it in Your backpack and stuff like this so It’s pretty handy so you can see here The prices and the description so let’s Click on that for example There you go Tax included shipping calculated at Checkout So you can see that it’s in uh pounds But yeah so you can see that this is Pretty much um The description There you go and there’s the features It’s like 360 degree graduation Um gps scale magnifier There’s also um descriptions like this Sku accurate accuracy materials and Stuff warranties for five years which is Great And the reviews you can see here it’s a 4.5 out of 5 star review And Yeah so you can actually look into the Description if you want just put it to

Add to cart or Buy it now so it’s really important to Have like a very handy compass because You’ll never know um once you go out on A trip Especially if you’re backpacking into The wilderness it’s important to have Like a handy one so that it’s not really Bulky it’s really easy to Um Bring it with you Next up we have the compass door you can See here there are also um compasses That like um A risk compass you can see here the Price And also when you click on that one you Can see um It’s now on sale 34.95 Right And you can just um hover your mouse Here and can actually zoom in so that You will see the details of it And Um Oh it says here we are no longer sucking There you go so they’re actually putting In some information Um says they’re not currently available But you can just go ahead and look for Other compass you can see that there’s Also um A necklace which is great see There you go you can see that is

Actually a compass which is Really great this is what it looks like At the back So you just hang it as your necklace and You’re stylish at the same time you have A handy compass with you so this is Really cute So that is in The compass store Next up we have the brunton so as you Can see here there’s like an outdoor Professional you know and just go ahead And Click on what the what is the compass That best suits you there’s a lot of Products here you can see This is 499 And uh There you go So there’s a lot i mean a lot of compass There’s also like accessories if you Click on that one There you go So just click on and go to this website And you will see A lot of options for this one For over 125 years Our position made compasses and pocket Instruments have guided explorers across The globe which is great great great Great see Next up we have dip and dive so if You’re like Packing to go to

Diving or something it’s nice to also Have like a compass with you Suitable for that environment so we have That In here as well so we have the silva Metro compass And so on so you can see the prices There as well if you want to click This one for example Oh there’s also like pay in full or in Four interest interest-free installments There you go So this is what it looks like This is the description The attachable distance lanyard Mirror siding or determining direction Over long distance again it’s important If you read the description because it’s Going to help you Pick the right compass for it especially If um It depends on the environment that You’re actually going And then yeah So that’s dip and dive we also have the Santo which is this one so it’s really Really um compact and easy to bring it With you There you go so these are A lot of different compasses which is Great you have a lot of options So if we click on for example this one This is the clipper Let’s check attach and make it part of

Your outdoor gear for an easy direction Taking so this is really what i wanted To show it’s like um very compact and Easy to bring um with you especially if You’re like on backpacking or scuba Diving whatever um it’s it’s really Important to have Um such gears with you that you don’t Have to make you know you don’t want to Make a fuzz out of bringing it with you Because it’s really Easy to use and easy to bring So This is the example of it See Cool You can clip it in your watch which is Cool Yeah if you’re like if you have a watch With you and if you just wanted to put Some compass in there just Clip it and it’s as easy as that which Is so great Really great so you can see here the key Features and specifications here it’s a Micro compass fastens Fastens to straps leave our map edge Reviews Here are the reviews And also like the general specifications The compass direction scale Physical specifications there So it’s important as well if you just Look through

The Details of each compass that you wanted To buy So yeah again uh these are very a handy Compass that you can bring with you if You want to go Um backpacking It’s easy it’s it’s lightweight it’s Very easy To bring with you so yeah so that’s my Number one in terms of Um In terms of the items that you want to Add in your Wilderness survival kit so please Watch on to the next video for my second So thank you