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SleepEZ – Hi, I’m George from Mattress Builders. I’d like to talk you today about our fantastic ‘Make My Bed Mattress’

The whole concept with this mattress is that it gives you as the buyer total control how you want your mattress made. We start by having a bed that has a removable zip cover on it. You can choose which spring type you want. Then with the comfort layer you’ve got lots of different options whether it’s a plusher feel or a medium feel or a firmer feel, and then you’ve got this fantastic Coolmax fabric on top in the top layer, which is all designed around keeping you dry and comfortable at night. When it comes to the spring selection, which you can either do in store or online, you can choose between two of our pocket spring models. The top one here is our standard pocket spring, which has evenly distributed pockets right across the bed. Alternatively, if you like a firmer feel and a little bit softer in the shoulders and firmer in the hips, then you can go with our three zone spring. These blue springs here are a heaver gauge steel and make the spring a little bit firmer for extra back support. When it comes to the comfort layers, the beauty of this bed is that the whole top of the bed completely zips off so it makes it very easy for us to change the comfort layers over. You can either have foam comfort layers that you’d find in a regular pillow top mattress, or alternatively you can put full latex in there or a combination of foam and latex, and there’s six or seven different feels that you can choose to tailor the feel to exactly what you would like. There are even things like our wave latex that we get from Belgium, which contour to your body and make it very comfortable. So one of the key advantages with buying the make my bed from Mattress Builders is that having this zip system and the interchangeable comfort layers, it means that if you don’t quite get the feel selection right when you’re first in the store, you’ve got 60 nights to change the feel free of charge. So, for example, if you’ve slept on the bed for a couple of weeks and you think it’s a little bit soft or a little bit firm, you can come back to us and change the comfort layer over free of charge. That gives you fantastic peace of mind, which a lot of people are concerned about. So just like to say thanks very much for watching our video. I hope we see you soon to come and try the make my bed at Mattress Builders Melbourne.

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