Make a Sleeping Bag For Your Dog

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Make a Sleeping Bag For Your Dog DIY Dog Sleeping Bag From a Jacket Make your dog a sleeping bag with a thrift store jacket, a needle, and thread like the sleeping bag I made for my dog, AlaskaSammy. Keep your dog safe and warm on camp outs, hunting trips, power outages, or emergency situations. Winterize your dog, protect him from cold winter weather. To make a homemade dog sleeping bag, turn a jacket inside out, stitch the sleeves to the inside at the bottom. Zip your jacket and stitch the bottom together. A few minutes work, and you have a cozy snuggle sleeper sleeping bag for your dog. The insulated jacket provides a water resistant, warm layer pocket bed for your dog in cold, damp, snowy weather. Try this DIY homemade sleeping bag for your dog from a jacket. Keep your dog safe and warm when you take him or her camping.



Dog Sleeping Bag
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Dog Survival Kit

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