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Lumina Homes Projects

Stay connected while we stay apart, Kabarangay!

Hindi mo na kailangan pa pumunta sa office para mag reserve dahil we are now onliners!!

1. Get information on your preferred Lumina project from any of our official accounts.

2. Go to ‘Lumina Homes Online’ to reserve!
Fill out the required buyers’ details.
Check it out at

3. Complete the details required from your preferred Lumina Project.

4. Proceed to payment. To pay online, yo may do so through credit card or via Gcash.

5. Congratulations, Kabarangay! You have sucessfully reserved your own Lumina Homes.

Take note this is also a ✅ 24/7 online reservation portal, and you get ✅ real-time access on Lumina’s available inventories nationwide.


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