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Lull vs Puffy Mattress – Which Foam Mattress Is Right For You?

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Lull vs Puffy Mattress – Which Foam Mattress Is Right For You?

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If you love memory foam mattresses, the Lull and the Puffy could be right up your alley.

Still, these all-foam mattresses are pretty different, and they’re good fits for different types of sleepers.

Which foam mattress will you choose? Let me help you decide.

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The Lull mattress and Puffy mattress are both popular mattresses with great customer service terms. They’re somewhat similar in terms of firmness, and they have gel memory foam in their top layers.

While they are both foam mattresses, they are different in many ways.

The Lull is a more affordable mattress than the Puffy. Also, the gel memory foam layer is thicker on the Puffy. They are similar in terms of firmness, but the Puffy is a bit softer. Also, the Lull has a balanced foam feel, and the Puffy has a classic memory foam feel.

If you like sleeping on top of your mattress, the Lull is the way to go. It is a slightly firmer mattress, and the comfort layer isn’t as thick as it is on the Puffy. You won’t sink so far into the Lull, so if you like this balanced foam feel, you will enjoy this mattress.

If you need a back sleeping mattress or a stomach sleeping mattress, the Lull should work for you. It is the firmer mattress, and it should be more supportive. The transition and firm support layer should keep you from sinking too far into the mattress.

However, if you prefer a classic memory foam feel, the Puffy should be the right choice for you. You should sink into that thick memory foam layer. It will definitely feel more like you are sleeping in the mattress (instead of on it).

Do you sleep on your side? You might want to choose the Puffy. If you are light- or medium-weight, you should sink into the mattress and feel the pressure melt away. You shouldn’t feel too much firmness on your shoulders and hips.

However, larger sleepers might want to look elsewhere, because they might press through the top layers of the mattress when they are on their sides and stomachs. That being said, both of these mattresses could give larger back sleepers the support they need.

If you sleep with a partner, both mattresses could work. They both have gel memory foam in their top layers, which should cut down on motion transfer. Both could be good mattresses for couples.

Keep this all in mind, and it should be an easy choice!

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