Lucid vs Tuft & Needle vs Linenspa Mattress Review – Which Budget Mattress Is Best?

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Amazon makes mattress shopping easy with home delivery and budget-friendly prices. But with so many mattresses to choose from, finding the one that best fits your sleep needs can be tricky. In this Mattress Clarity review, we’ll compare the Lucid, the Tuft & Needle, and the Linenspa mattresses so you can decide which Amazon mattress is best for you. Watch our full video review to learn more!

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0:00 Lucid vs Tuft & Needle vs Linenspa Overview
0:26 Key Similarities
0:48 Key Differences
1:28 Construction
3:06 Firmness and Feel
4:16 Sleeping Positions
5:22 Motion Transfer
6:35 Pricing
7:32 Who Should Get the Lucid Mattress?
7:46 Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Mattress?
8:16 Who Should Get the Linenspa Mattress?
8:48 Wrap Up

While all three are medium-firm mattresses, the Lucid, Tuft & Needle, and Linenspa differ in construction, feel, and price. The 8” Linenspa hybrid features supportive coils that give the mattress a bouncy, responsive feel, while the Lucid mattress feels more like a traditional, slow-moving memory foam mattress. The most durable of the three, the Tuft & Needle mattress has a balanced feel that is both cooling and responsive.

Back sleepers, side sleepers, and people who sleep with a partner will love the body-contouring, pressure-relieving foam of the Lucid mattress. Meanwhile, the supportive, gel-infused Tuft & Needle mattress is best for heavier sleepers or sleepers who run hot. Finally, the Linenspa is the most budget-friendly mattress of the three and works best for fans of springy mattresses or lighter weight sleepers. .

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