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Can’t Sleep Through The Night? A Shift Worker’s Biggest Mistake!

If you’re a shift worker who is struggling to sleep through the night, then you’re probably walking around in a zombie like state of extreme exhaustion. Of course there are many reasons why this may be so, but have you ever looked closely at your eating habits?

How Can I Establish a Baby Sleep Schedule and Why Should I Bother?

A common belief is that small babies sleep continuously, and although they unquestionably need much more sleep than we adults do, there are a number of babies who unfortunately never sleep for as long as you would probably want, or for as long as they need to sleep. Finding out how to set up a baby sleep schedule is crucial to the health and advancement of your baby along with the peace of mind of the rest of the family.

Insomnia Remedy

The cause of most long term insomnia is anxiety. Anxiety over-stimulates the brain and interferes with your natural sleep rhythm. Here is a multimedia solution that will address this condition, using specially designed sounds that gently guide your brain into producing more calming brainwaves.

What To Do When You Can’t Sleep: Honey and Cinnamon

I thought that I would read the postings about the sleep problems of the elderly, but when I tried to click on the thread, either my concentration or my hand-eye coordination failed, and I ended up clicking on the thread above it. That one was entitled “The Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon.”

Risk Factors With Snoring

There are certain circumstances which favour some people only when it comes to snoring. Here are some of these risk factors which can determine one’s problem with snoring. First of all, it is interesting to know that there are a lot more men who snore than women.

Sleep Apnea and You

We are aware that sleep apnea is a condition which is characterized by irregularity in breathing while one is asleep. The growing awareness to sleep apnea has provided people who are suffering from this condition more means to take care of themselves and be treated of their condition.

General Information on Snoring

Snoring appears when the wave of air inspired in the lungs through the mouth or through the nose is disturbed during the sleep. This process usually appears because of the fact that the airways are blocked at the level of the nose, the mouth or the throat. Therefore, the tissues of the airways vibrate and hit against the superior part of the throat, determining the appearance of a certain sound, which can be soft, gentle, high-pitched, rough or grumpy and rusty.


Many find it difficult to adjust with the use of CPAP. Once they are diagnosed with sleep apnea, they would opt for other forms of therapies if they are available instead of relying on such devices. Many have tried surgeries but still find no comfort or refuge when it comes to this sleeping order.

The Risks of Sleep Apnea

Many have heard about the adverse effects of Sleep Apnea to one’s life such as restlessness and exhaustion due to the lack of sleep in their lives. These cause the patients to be overly exhausted and restless throughout the day which results to them not being able to function properly during the day. These cause mediocre work outputs and even worse, accidents.

Alternative Therapy for Insomnia – Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

It is quite struggling to fall asleep at night; sometimes it takes so long to fall asleep again. Same way waking up from a short sleep on wet bed is also not comforting and it may lead to uncomforting sleepless nights. And the situation in which you are unable to sleep after a long struggle or have no signs to sleep, is known as insomnia.

Help Sleeping – Try These These Techniques

I cured my insomnia by using some brilliant advice from an inexpensive book. Read my story.

The Chiropractic Approach Towards Sleep Issues

Sleep is one of the most important functions for the brain to work properly. Everyone occasionally suffers from a poor night’s slumber. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of American adults experience sleeping problems at some time. Poor sleeping can be a symptom of larger problems. Chiropractors can provide patients with a unique approach to their sleeping problems, without the use of sleeping pills.

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