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Low Cost Housing Naga City Rent or Buy ?

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Low Cost Housing Naga City Rent or Buy ?

I thought I would do this video to silence the critics out there, that say it’s impossible to live on less than $1,400 per month. If you have the will you can find a property for rent, between 5000 and 6000 per month, or buy if you are married to a Filipino for 600,000 upwards, depending on location and condition.

Hi, my name is Chris Wren, I’m hoping to see if it’s possible to stay in the Philippines , for the maximum legal visa stay of three year,before returning home.I’m calling my channel, a Brit in the Philippines. It will be a video log of my Filipino friends, lifestyle, journey and costs of living in the Philippines. Please subscribe and follow me into the unknown and lets discover this beautiful Country and it’s people.

Filmed with my Gopro 4

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