Lighter Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Lighter/matches – Fire is a must to stay warm at night. It can also be used to make a signaling device with smoke. Both lighters and matches are small and lightweight items, making them easy to pack in any survival kit.

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Hi guys and welcome to the third video And we’ll be we will be talking about The third item on our 11 vital items to Include in your survival pack so the Third on our list is lighter or matches So fire is a must to stay warm at night And it can also be used to make a Signaling device with smoke Both layers and matches are small and Lightweight items so make them making Them easy to to pack in any survival kit So i’ll be showing you five Um Websites wherein we can actually buy Some matches and Like lighters so here First is uco gear or yuko gear um This one is the yuko storm proof matches This is 25 per pack It says here fire up the grill Light or lantern or start a campfire no Matter the weather so what i like about This one is that it is storm proof And storm proof matches light up quickly And consistently in driving rain heavy Winds and And more So here are the details And It says here consistent in driving rain Heavy winds and falling snow And will relight even after being Submerged in water so this is perfect Each box includes 25 matches that burn

For up to 15 seconds each plus extra Strikers so that totals over six minutes Per box worth of constant reliable fire For your backpack emergency kit or glove Box Pack fire travel well so they also have A video here of Um what is a storm proof Yuko match Matches So this is what it looks like If you click on this one this is What it looks in the box Okay and they have the video here as Well And they have the product specifications Here burn burn time up to 15 seconds Length is seven centimeters Weight is um In the single pack is 22 grams so Performance tip Tips They have Also like caution here to Carefully monitor Lit matches And safety tips there you go So this is for five dollars and 49 cents So this is again handy you can put it in Your Bag Or in your kit Just in case that you need some fire There you go next up is uh

Again this is a waterproof match These matches produce a flame even when Wet great for camping or emergency Preparedness can be used in a wet or dry Environment pack includes 40 Matches so a while ago we have 25 Matches this one is 40 matches and the Price is 1.49 Again scroll down below you will see the Benefits and description And the features and specifications There you go And they have zero reviews So yeah Again this is 1.49 for Okay Next up is They have the typhoon match kit So um It says here this match kit is ready for Any adventure it’s heavy duty Construction and sealed strike pad Keep the 15 included typhoon matches Protected and in one place Um So you can light your fire in even the Most severe conditions comes pack Packaged in a window box so this is what It looks like let’s click on the Pictures Burns up to 30 seconds waterproof and Windproof This is what the stick looks like or the

Match And they also have a video here if you Want to play it and so you can see How it works So again uh The item includes here one match kit 15 Typhoon matches and three strike pads So the features the tube Lid and storage chamber water resistance Storage so this is ideal i guess if Especially if you were in uh In a place where it’s always raining or If it’s windy or if it’s Um Like if there’s like some uh Snow you know So This is great And You can also see the benefits here Floats in water and keep and keeps Matches dry so this is also good if You’re In a See in the sea or if you’re in the sea Uh and This is really good especially if like It’s submerged into to the water it will It will float so You won’t be Um You won’t be scared that the matches Will be Uh

Wet again they are waterproof Uh easy one-hand use and provides a Sturdy Grip Reusable durable and lightweight for Long-lasting use They have provides extra pads for long Lasting use and match refills Plenty of time to get a fire started Matches can survive being submerged in Water or rain Ensures fire can be started in the most Severe conditions so this is great in Any type of Weather So you can see here the Specs height the width the depth the Weight and they have a one year warranty So that is great So this the price for the typhoon match Kit Is 14.95 This is let’s see if they have like This is the video This is the thai food match kit which Meet The match that never gives up Great That is so cool Equip for any forecast Windproof Water resistant intense flame burn time For 30 seconds

Okay So The typhoon match kit features water Resistant storage So again it floats in the water for Extra peace of mind which is great An o ring creates a waterproof seal that Protects the 15 type of matches from Moisture and keeps them dry Sealed strike pad This is the strike pad The integrated water resistant and cap Keeps the strike pad dry and protected From the elements so just make sure it’s Closed so it won’t get wet Quick lighting And it is portable because you can see That there is like a Molded there is a kit uh keep this kit Close with a molded molded lanyard hole So you can actually Easily attach this to your bag Connect it to a lanyard attached to your Backpack and you’re ready to go So there are also some other Um Matches or uh Lighter here If you want to have an additional Matches here Uh it’s Way less expensive this is 9.95 And this is 25 Pieces yeah so this is 25 pieces

They have like a lighter here Emergency fire kit and again this is Also a lighter for 36.95 So yeah so this is great it gives you The features Of the matches and also the the match Kit And they have a video here if you want To watch it just click on that one And again this is 14.95 For Next up is We’re not talking about matches anymore Here we are talking about Um Mini multi tool fire Um for example this one It has a striking rod here That creates fire for you Like here this is really handy because You can attach it to your keys to your Car keys Attach it to your bag as well And they have a lot of designs here And they have it’s actually Less cheaper this is 8.99 This is 10.98 Uh this is 8.99 If you want the cute Keychain here at 7.25 cents And what else what else here

Waterproof lighter this is 99.49 So you can actually buy it here Again this is top of Next Is They have here Survive so survive permanent match three Or five pack the forever lighter imagine Emergency fire starter striker set this Is a metal keychain unlimited waterproof Stick So It says here This is what it looks like by the way Click on that one There you go You see it’s really small Okay So the description is here survival fire Start starter product features So it’s creative unique lighter um Perfect gadget for comf Campfires stoves gas grills and Barbecues no match sticks So it’s matchless so technically it’s a Metal Uh it’s small and easy to carry Uh Quality durable construction permalong Endless life so will last 15 000 strikes This is a magnesium steel alloy flint Rod so liquid fuel is sold separately Be sure to purchase zipporon’s sun

Orange and lighter fluid Separately Um includes Cotton wicks and curing So perfect stocking stuffer gift for men And woman yourself and loved ones for Outdoors camping hiking hunting boating Or travel And it has multiple uses So the personal never-ending fire Starter works like magic it’s fast and Quick to start a fire with the eternal Flame start barbecues propane lanterns Oil lamps bunsen burners blow torch fire Pit fireplace bonfires candles paper dry Gas hay Weeds bark Kindling wood logs coal charcoal Maya dust tinder and tumbleweeds use it Indoors while cooking in the kitchen no Smoke Great So this is the size the weight And this is how it works so you can Actually read how it works There we go again there are also similar Um Products here So this is Se2 Uh sorry se2 in one all-weather Magnesium So it’s it has a compass here i can see Ferro rod flint fire yeah there we go so

Again This is best survival knives dot info Again this is Uh So this was 19.99 Where’s the price here Anyway so that was before so it will be Uh in a sale price if you get this So again this is best revival knives dot Info Top of style dot com Zippo dot com and So thank you so much for watching and Please stay tuned for our fourth Uh Uh top 11 items That you want to include in your Survival pack so thank you so much for Watching have a great day