Levoit Smart Humidifier Review – Is It Really That Smart?!

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We’ve got smartphones, smart TVs, and now we’ve got smart humidifiers! If you want to set and forget a humidifier, the Levoid Smart Humidifier is one you should consider. Watch our full review to get all the details!

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0:00 Levoit Smart Humidifier Overview
0:31 Components
1:45 Setting Up the Levoit Humidifier
2:36 Personal Experience
4:07 Humidity Levels
4:45 Cleaning & Care
5:18 Who Should Get the Levoit Smart Humidifier?
5:38 Who Shouldn’t Get the Levoid Smart Humidifier?
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Humidifiers have come a long way. Gone are the days where you’ll have to constantly turn on and off the humidifier when you don’t need it anymore. Smart humidifiers, like the Levoit Smart Humidifier, do the work for you! This is a cool mist humidifier that has a base full of tech to make using this humidifier a breeze.

Within the base, you have a control panel that lets you switch between auto, low, medium, and high mist options. The auto setting will have the humidifier turn off and on when your room reaches an optimal humidity level. This is great if you live in more humid areas and only occasionally need the humidifier running. Of course, you do have the option to keep the mist constantly on, too!

The Levoit Humidifier can be connected to your house’s wifi and can be operated through an app on your phone. This makes it super convenient and easy to use, as well!

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Humidifiers are great for keeping us Nice and hydrated but it can be a pain To constantly turn them off and on once We've had enough luckily there are smart Humidifiers to help out like the Levoy Smart humidifier I have here what's up World it's Tony the Sleep accessories Editor for Mattress Clarity and in Today's video I'm gonna go over the Setup use and my experience with the Lavoit smart humidifier so stick around And let's get started Before I get started I do need to Mention that here at Max Clarity we do Get products sent to us for free to test Out and if you make a purchase with our Affiliate links below we will earn a Commission from that sale but this helps Fund our operation and keeps our content Free for you guys but with that out of The way let's talk about the components That make up the levoit smart humidifier To start we have the top which has a Movable nozzle to direct the steam Then we have the main water tank itself And inside you'll notice there is a Water filter Moving on to the base this is where all The tech is housed and how it operates But before I get into too many details On the back we do have A small Aroma box and the inside there's This little felt pad that you can Saturate with an essential oil just to

Make things smell nice and clean then on The front we have the main control panel Obviously you have the power button Right above that you have the Mist Button then you have the night light Button which will operate the night Light here and then you have the sleep Mode button which will turn off the LED Panel but will keep the machine running So let's talk about how you set up your Lavoit smart humidifier to start it Comes pretty much as is right out of the Box so all you need to do is remove the Lid and fill the water tank from this Open Gap here now I should mention that Levoit means it when they say this is a Smart humidifier you have the option to Download something called the the sync App which will let you use your phone as A remote control for this humidifier the Good news is though that it is not Required to download the app in order For this to work so with that out of the Way you'll just simply plug it into the Wall and then you can set the Mist level Using the missed level button here you Have four options Auto low medium and High and we'll talk more about that with My experience but that is pretty much How you set up your lavoid smart Humidifier As the Sleep accessories editor I do Take products home to test them out Fully and I gotta say using the levoit

Humidifier was a really neat experience Um it comes to you pretty much as is out Of the box so all you need to do is take The lid off and fill it up with water I Really like that you have the option Between distilled water or tap water I Don't always have distilled water on Hand so I just filled it up with tap Water because that's what I had and I Did download the app it's not required To operate the humidifier but it was Really simple to set up and you can use Your phone as a remote control if you're The type of person that likes to do it That way when it comes to using the Levoit smart humidifier it really is Very easy to use and I live in Austin Where it gets naturally humid throughout The year so I don't always have use for A humidifier so that's why I really Liked the auto Mist setting on this Humidifier because I could pretty much Set it and forget it and it will use a Sensor to produce Mist when the room is Not human I also like the sleep mode option with This machine because it keeps it on but It turns that led panel off when you're Ready to go to sleep I'm a little bit Light sensitive so that was a plus for Me if you are the type of person that Does need a night light you can see the Night light right here within the water Tank so just turn that on if you need it

I don't need it obviously but it's nice To know that it's there and finally I do Like that you have the directional Mist Nozzle so you can point the Mist where You need it to go We use humidifiers to keep our Airways Nice and hydrated and not super Congested but you're also looking for an Optimal humidity room level of around 40 To 60 percent and that is where this Humidifier shines you can set the Mist Level to Auto and it will use an Internal sensor to produce Mist based on Your room's humidity level so when your Room is not at that optimal humidity Level the machine will turn back on and Produce some mist and once you've Reached an optimal humidity level it Will stop producing mist Which is pretty smart if you ask me When it comes to cleaning your love void Humidifier you want to clean it maybe About every two weeks depending on the Type of water you're using but it's as Simple as removing the lid Taking off the water tank and just Cleaning it that way you have a really Nice big gap here so you can really get In and clean it you also want to make Sure there's no standing water at the Bottom of the base just to avoid some Residue buildup you do have the option To descale this machine which means Cleaning off that mineral buildup but

You can read more about that in the Instruction manual Now let's move on to some pros and cons For the lavoit smart humidifier starting With our Pros it was very simple to set Up and it's very easy to use it also has A built-in sensor that will let you set It and forget it and it's a very quiet Humidifier and it's great for dark room Moving on to our cons this does have an App you can download but it is not Necessary for operation it is a larger Humidifier so it's going to take up some Space and because it's a smart Humidifier it might require some more Troubleshooting than your average Humidifier Well there you have it everything you Need to know about the levoit smart Humidifier if you want to read more About humidifiers or find our best Humidifiers list you can find it at Mattressclarity.com and if you want to Pick up this humidifier yourself I have An affiliate link for you below see you Next time bye [Music] [Music] Everything