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If you’re like many people, it’s been awhile since you last went mattress shopping. Hopefully you bought a high-quality mattress that stood the test of time. However, many people use their mattress far beyond its expiration date.

If you’re waking up with aches and pains, chances are it’s time for something new, and today we’re looking at a product that’s designed to keep you pain-free and reduce pressure points. Through the use of their proprietary TriSupport® technology, Level Sleep was specially-designed to help you:

Fall asleep faster
Experience less pain and stiffness upon waking
Enjoy more energy and a better overall quality of sleep

The Special Impact of Zoning
In many innerspring products, customers get to take advantage of special zoning that creates areas that are firmer or plusher. This is done with consideration of the fact that some areas of the body weigh more or less than others. When a product has a steady firmness across the sleep surface, this can cause pressure points.

Here’s how everything lines up:

The top 22 inches are plush to allow for good shoulder contour for side sleeping.
The next 10 inches are firm, and this works to ensure proper lumbar support, a great consideration for back sleepers.
The medium firm foam begins right at the bottom of this band, and this is where you want to position your hips.

Most foam products don’t offer zoning options, so it was refreshing to see this approach in Level Sleep’s design. During this video, you’ll see just how it works when we cut open the firesock and take a look at the internal dynamics.

Getting Into the Nitty Gritty
With the increase in competition, many manufacturers offer extensive stats and data on their products to help consumers make an educated purchasing decision. However, they don’t have to, and, in the case of Level Sleep, the densities of the foams aren’t provided. Considering this is the information we need to determine durability expectations, this was concerning.

The great news is that we can determine this information with a little effort. I extracted square inch chunks of each of the two foams that compose the Level Sleep mattress and made the calculations for myself. You won’t want to miss out on our results!

Other important areas we’ll cover in our in-depth review include:

Complete layer lineup
Motion transfer testing
Performance and feel
Firmness breakdown
Heat transfer
And much more!

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