Level Sleep Mattress Review | What Does a Zoned Mattress Feel Like? (2019)

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╔ About The Level Sleep Mattress ╗
The TriSupport Mattress from Level Sleep is an all-foam bed constructed with a memory foam comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam support core. The removable, washable cover is made from stretch polyester.

The comfort layer is divided into three sections, or zones, with differing firmness settings. The head of the bed is ‘Soft’ to provide ample cushioning to the neck and shoulders; the midsection is ‘Firm’ for enhanced spine and lower back support; and the foot of the bed is ‘Medium’ for optimal conforming at the hips, which can improve spinal alignment. Overall the mattress has a ‘Medium’ firmness, which corresponds to 5.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

In addition to close conforming that targets aches, pains, and pressure points in different areas of the body, the TriSupport Mattress also isolates motion transfer well and produces no noise when compressed. The mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleeper weights and sleep positions.

the TriSupport Mattress is most suitable for side and back sleepers, as well as those in the light weight group (less than 130 pounds) and the average weight group (130 to 230 pounds).

Additionally, sleepers in the heavy weight group (more than 230 pounds) who prefer ‘Medium’ firmness beds may feel comfortable on this mattress.

However, the mattress is only available in one design and thickness profile; sleepers who prefer thicker beds or models with different comfort layers may find this selection too limiting.

Pros and cons of the Level Sleep Mattress
+ Zoned comfort layer offers enhanced pain and pressure relief
+ Great motion isolation and no noise
+ Longer-than-average sleep trial and warranty coverage
+ Free shipping
– Weak edge support
– Limited firmness and profile options
– Above-average price-point compared to other memory foam beds

Level Sleep Mattress Recommendations
You have a bigger shopping budget, as the mattresses are priced higher than most competing memory foam models.
You want a mattress that conforms closely
You want a mattress that isolates motion well and does not make any noise

Is this the best mattress for side sleepers? Is it the best memory foam mattress? Watch our video and see for yourself!


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