Leesa Studio Mattress Review | Best Budget Memory Foam Bed?

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Leesa Studio Mattress Review | Best Budget Memory Foam Bed? This is a three-layer bed that’s made of foam. It measures about 10″ thick and has a memory foam feel. It’s basically a more affordable version of the Original Leesa mattress. It’s about a medium on our firmness scale, so it should be ok for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers. It’s an inexpensive foam bed in a box mattress. Studio by Leesa is a competitor to Casper Element Pro and Tuft and Needle, both of which are mattress in a box products. The idea is offering a value mattress that’s significantly under $1,000. This is not a coil mattress, but it is an affordable memory foam mattress that’s American made.

Leesa Studio vs Casper: This comparison also includes Casper Element Pro. These are all foam mattress that are designed for budget shoppers that want an online mattress. Casper Element Pro has more of a soft foam feel, while Studio by Leesa is more of a memory foam mattress.

Leesa Studio vs Nectar Mattress: Both of these are memory foam mattresses. Similar price points, but they feel slightly different. Nectar is a bit more “dense” while Leesa Studio is a little softer.

Leesa Studio vs Tuft and Needle: This is a similar comparison to Casper. Tuft and Needle has a soft foam feel, while Studio by Leesa has more of a basic memory foam feel. Pricing is similar, but Tuft and Needle is more affordable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:09 – General Mattress Policies
2:25 – Construction & Feel
3:40 – Firmness
4:05 – Other Options
4:51 – X-Factors
5:15 – Couples
6:14 – Pricing
6:55 – Final Verdict: Leesa Studio Review
7:08 – Conclusion

So in the world of online mattresses There are a ton of different options but One that's been around for a while is The brand Lisa and a bed that we don't Talk about enough but probably should is The Lisa Studio mattress so that's what I'm going to be talking about in today's Video hey there I'm Wes I'm with the Slumber yard and over here we review all Things online beds and bedding products And for the purposes of this video I'm Doing a solo review of the Lisa Studio Mattress I'm going to talk about Everything that you need to know about The bed starting with its policies I'll Touch on its construction it's firmness Feel pricing and at the very end I'll Try to have a final verdict and Ultimately tell you if this bed is right For you now if you need any more Information about the Lisa Studio Mattress feel free to check down below In the description box we've done tons Of content with this bed and we'll Probably have some coupon codes for it As well and if you happen to enjoy this Video hit the Thumbs Up Button always Feel free to subscribe because you know That just makes us feel special over Here at the slumber yard but let's get Into the Lisa Studio mattress review [Music] More We work real hard to find the right bed

For you [Music] Okay so before I get into everything That you need to know about the Lisa Studio mattress I do want to say that Lisa did send us this bed for free to Test out review and tell you guys about It but if you order it online it's going To be backed by the following policies Starting with completely free shipping This is an all-foam bed-in-a-box Mattress meaning it'll ship to your House in a big old box that you Basically just drag in your home and Start ripping off all that packaging you Might want to do it with a friend Because that could be a little bit fun But in general the bed will expand in Front of your eyes once it's out of that Box now since this is an awful mattress We do recommend giving it a day or a Couple of hours to fully inflate and get To its true firmness and feel you know You just want to make sure you try this Bed out when it's fully inflated before You start making all your harsh mattress Judgments and thinking if you want to Keep this bed for the foreseeable future Or not now once the bed is in your Possession you get a sleep trial of 100 Nights with the bed and that's basically Your chance to test the bid out in your Own home with your own pillows sheets And Mattress setup and hopefully you

Enjoy the bed and one to keep it if not Within that trial period you can get Free returns but if you do decide to Keep it is backed by a 10-year warranty Which is pretty much the standard for Online mattresses and if you need any More information about that warranty or Those policies check down below in the Description we'll have some helpful Links for you down there but let's get Right into this thing and touch on what This bed is made up of and that'll tell You a lot about its firmness and feel as Well so like I mentioned this is a Simple three layer all foam bed it's got Dense support foam on the bottom then a Transition layer and then the top Comfort foam layer of the bed is a Memory foam and though it is a memory Foam this whole construction adds up to Give the bed more of a light memory foam Feel it's not going to be something like A Tempur-Pedic or a nectar mattress Where it's really dense and viscous and Slow to respond this is rather light Fluffy kind of like a marshmallow more Airy and it'll definitely still have Some of those memory foam qualities Though if you're looking for that when You do go to lay down on the bed you'll Sink into it slightly as it will cradle Some of your pressure points but when When you move or change sleeping Positions it'll respond rather quickly

That's kind of why we say it has a light Memory foam feel so this bed may be a Good option for any combination sleepers Anyone who likes to change sleeping Positions throughout the night it's not Going to keep you in one place like Something like a Tempur-Pedic or a Nectar will so having that new age Fluffy style of memory foam is something That a lot of people like I know some People on our team absolutely hate Memory foam JD is one who comes to mind But I'd think that he could probably Actually sleep on this bed and not Really hate it like he usually does now In terms of firmness the Lisa studio is Right around a medium on our firm scale Meaning it should work for all sleeper Types back stomach side and combination And since I mentioned that that memory Foam is lighter and you can move around And have different sleeping positions it Might be a great option for any Combination sleepers as well now if this Bed and this firmness isn't exactly what You're looking for that's fine because Lisa as a brand makes a number of other Different beds they have their original Lisa mattress which is a pretty similar Bed and instead of having that memory Foam feel it has more of a neutral foam Feel it is also right around a medium so That's an option you can also get that Bed as a hybrid which basically just

Swaps out the support foam for coils They also have the Lisa Superior Mattress which is a little bit on the Firmer end of the spectrum so it might Be better for any strict back or stomach Sleepers since we usually recommend Strict back or stomach sleepers look Into a bed that is a little bit firmer That's just what we've seen that they Like they also have the Lisa Legend Mattress which is a little bit thicker You know it's got more of those Materials and it's their top of the line Bed and it's around a medium maybe Slightly softer but any way you go You've got tons of choices with Lisa but Back to the Lisa Studio which is why We're here let's touch on some of its X Factors now the first X Factor to Mention is kind of having to do with Lisa's whole brand and it's that they're A certified B corporation which pretty Much means that as a company they're Committed to their social and Environmental impact so that's nice to See in a brand and also this whole bed Is green guard go old certified so it Has some certifications as well and that Might move the needle for you if you're Looking for something like that now in Terms of couples what do you have to Know if you're going to be sharing this Mattress with a partner and for this I'm Going to touch on motion isolation Edge

Support and temperature regulation Motion isolation has to do with how well The bed absorbs cross mattress movement And for this bed it does a rather good Job since it does use memory foam that's One of the Foams that pretty much Deadens the most movement so if your Partner is going to get up throughout The night or go leave for an early Morning of work you're probably not Going to be woken up by the bed jostling Around and in terms of edge support this Bed is also pretty darn good the edges Are pretty sturdy and if you like to Sleep closer to them we don't see you Falling off this thing anytime soon in Terms of temperature regulation this bed Doesn't have any special cooling Elements or anything like that so it'll Probably just sleep temperature neutral But in general a lot of other things Factor into temperature regulation like How hot you keep your room how many Sheets you're using the kind of sheets You're using and so much more so keep That stuff in mind more than the bed Itself but now let's touch on price how Much are you going to be paying for this Mattress and I do want to preface this Section by saying that Lisa does like to Change their pricing and promotions Constantly so this is as of when I'm Recording this video but you should be Able to pick up a queen size Lisa studio

For around the 800 Mark and you also Should be able to save a little bit of Money on it if you do like to use a Coupon code after which you should be Paying around the 750 Mark for that Queen size and if you do want to save That 50 bucks check down below in the Description we'll have the coupon code For you down there and if you would like To use our Slumber yard discount that Helps us out over here as a channel and We really appreciate that but that's Pretty much the story when talking about The Lisa Studio mattress and at this Point in the video what is the final Verdict well I would recommend the Lisa Studio mattress if you're looking for a Simple three layer all foam bed with a Medium firmness that has more of a light Memory foam feel and you want to support A company that is a certified B Corp but That's just what we think over here at The slumber yard what do you guys think Have you ever tried this bed have you Ever heard of this bed do you like the Blue cover I think that's one of the Coolest Parts about the thing write us Down below we would love to hear from You and if you enjoyed this video hit The thumbs up button and feel free to Subscribe and again so much more Information can be found at our website Myslumberyard.com but that's going to do It for this one I'm Wes wishing you a

Good night's sleep Foreign [Music]