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Let’s face it… there are a ton of options out there when it comes to mattresses these days. Since the start of the online business model, there are now more products available than ever before. If you’re looking for one that offers a great combination of contouring support and responsiveness, you’re going to want to watch as we take a deep look at the Leesa mattress.

Leesa is dedicated to offering a Universal Adaptive Feel. In other words, they constructed their product with the preferences of the average customer in mind. From its medium firmness to its adequate support and bounce, I found it to be very comfortable and a great value for the cost.

Symbiotic Relationship in Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of this product consists of two layers:

2 inches of Avena® foam
2 inches of memory foam

Avena® is a product that was developed in the 1990’s to mimic latex. If you’ve never tried out latex, it offers a high degree of comfort, is quick to respond, and features excellent durability. The memory foam works to offer sleepers contouring support to accommodate the heavier areas of the body. These two foams work well together.

Avena® foam has a convoluted design at the bottom that facilitates air flow to counteract memory foam’s tendency to retain heat. It also adds extra bounce to help prevent the sleeper from feeling stuck in the memory foam. The memory foam layer, in return, adds contour to the Avena® layer.

Pleasant to Sleep On and Look At

Leesa’s cover is gray and white with four white stripes on the bottom. The neutral colors go well in most settings and add a degree of sophistication. I found this product to be just as pleasant to look at as it was to sleep on. Join us as we take a deeper look inside this product. We’ll also be taking a closer look at:

Edge support
Motion transfer
Heat transfer
Durability expectations

Take a seat and relax as we show you exactly what you can expect from the Leesa mattress.

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