Leesa Mattress Comparison | #1 Leesa Mattress Buying Guide 2022

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Leesa Mattress Comparison | #1 Leesa Mattress Buying Guide 2022. In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach walks you through our comparison review of the Leesa mattresses: Leesa Original mattress, Leesa Studio, Leesa Original Hybrid, Leesa Sapira, and the Leesa Legend. JD talks about Leesa mattress policies, including shipping, returns, unboxing, trial period and returns. He then talks about what’s new with the Leesa beds and how they compare to each other. This includes discussions around the construction of the mattresses, what they feel like and how firm or soft they are. We think these are great value beds, and we’re pleased to see that the brand now offers some hybrid options. Thanks for watching this Leesa comparison mattress review video. We’ll see if these new bed in a box models makes our list for the best foam mattress or best hybrid mattress.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – General Mattress Policies
1:50 – Leesa Mattress
3:00 – Leesa Studio
3:50 – Leesa Original Hybrid
4:46 – Leesa Sapira Hybrid
5:38 – Leesa Legend
7:09 – Conclusion

So Lisa is a pretty popular brand within The online space and they offer five Main beds the original Lisa mattress the Lisa Studio the Lisa original hybrid the Lisa sapira hybrid and the Lisa Legend But if you're looking at their lineup And you're a little overwhelmed and Confused as to which one is going to be Right for you you've clicked on the Right video because today I'm going to Try to go over all of these beds in Pretty good detail compare and contrast Them so you can see which one is going To be right for you hey guys I'm JD with The Slumber yard and over here we review All things online mattresses and bedding Products so if you've been checking out A Lisa mattress or another bed within The online space and you want some more Information about it head on over to our Website myslumberyard.com or check the Description box for a ton of helpful Links if you find this video at all Helpful towards your online mattress Search we'd really appreciate it if you Dropped a like on this video and Consider subscribing to the channel for A lot more helpful content like this but Without further Ado let's get into this Lisa Mega comparison [Music] Work real hard To find the right bed for you And save your money on it

[Music] Alrighty so first things first let's Talk policies what exactly are you going To be backed by should you decide to go The route of Lisa and it's all pretty Standard stuff for the online space now For the record we did receive all of These Lisa bets for free from Lisa to Review but if you end up buying them Online for yourself you should be backed By completely free shipping to start Once they're in your possession you also Get 100 full nights to test them all out In the comfort of your own home before You're stuck with them if within that Time frame you find that they're not Really right for you you can send them Back for free though Lisa the brand does Ask you to try them out for at least 30 Nights at bare minimum before you make Your decision if you decide to keep your Lease and Mattress after those first 100 Nights that's great because you're also Backed by a 10-year warranty which is Pretty standard for the online space and We'll try to link some more helpful Details regarding all of Lisa's policy Information Down Below in the Description box for you guys to check Out now that the policies out of the way Let's start talking about these Lisa Beds starting with the original Lisa Mattress this is one of the most popular Beds within the online space probably

Top five at least and in general it's Just a comfy three layer all foam bed That should be a gen General safe pick For just about anyone but since it is an All-foam mattress that uses dense Support foam instead of pocketed coils It's likely going to be most ideal for Medium or petite sized individuals if You're a heavier person you probably Want to look into a hybrid option Offered from Lisa and I will cover those In just a second but in terms of the Feel of the flagship Lisa it has just a General soft neutral foam feel that Practically anyone should find Comfortable it's just one of those beds That you lay on and you go Ah that's Really accommodating and nice now Speaking of accommodating it's also got A really nice firmness level at right at A proper medium on our scale so it Should work for all sleeper types Whether you like to sleep on your back Side stomach or a combination of the Three you should be set here and it's Also not bad on price it's currently Going for around the 1100 range after Discount which you should be able to Locate in our description box of this Video but overall if you're looking for A good value proposition and one of the Most safe picks from the leesa lineup in Terms of firmness and feel definitely Check out the flagship Lisa now speaking

Of value if that is one of your main Concerns you're on a bit more of a Budget you you probably should check out The Lisa Studio bed this is Lisa's Budget-friendly memory foam auction it's Another three layer all-foam mattress From the brand so again good for medium And petite sized folks but since it uses Memory foam on top it features more of a Pronounced memory foam feel it is a Little bit more responsive than Something like a nectar so you shouldn't Feel stuck at all when you go to rotate Around at night and even if you don't Like memory foam at all you'll probably Still dig the feel on Lisa's Studio Since it is a lot more responsive than Other memory foam options out there it's Also right around a medium in terms of Firmness so again good for all sleeper Types and price wise it's really Affordable at around 700 bucks after a Discount for the queen size which is a Great value for a bed like this and Again any current discounts or Promotions that we might happen to find For the Lisa Studio are going to be Linked Down Below in the description box For this video now if you're just Looking for a standard hybrid pick the First and most affordable option from The brand Lisa is their original hybrid This guy's sitting right behind me Unlike the previous two leases this uses

Coils instead of support foam on the Bottom which makes it more supportive For all body types including heavier Folks and it even uses a layer of memory Foam on top for Comfort but we would Still classify it to have a general Neutral foam feel the other responsive Elements within this mattress just Balance everything out to make it feel More neutral at least to us now it is Around a medium to a medium firm on our Scale so it's a little bit firmer than Those last two Lisa beds so a little bit Better for back and stomach sleepers but It still should work out great for any And all sleeper types out there now Price wise it's going to be a little bit More it's around thirteen hundred Dollars as when I'm doing this video After discount for the queen size but That price point is still a pretty dang Good value for a quality online hybrid Option such as this and again check our Description box for discounts we can Find on it now a more luxurious hybrid Offering from the brand Lisa is their Superior hybrid and this bed basically Has the same construction as their Original hybrid only it adds a comfort Foam on top that's perforated with all These little holes and this element is Supposed to add a bit more airflow to The bed and help it sleep cooler now we Wouldn't technically classify the

Superior a hybrid to be an active Cooling option due to this new foam but We do think it should sleep temperature Neutral on you throughout the night if Not you know a little bit cooler to some Like the leesa original hybrid it also Features a neutral foam feel and this One is a little bit on the firmer end of The spectrum closer to a medium firm so It should work out fine for all sleeper Types but specifically best for back and Stomach sleepers looking for tons of Nightly support as of when I'm doing This video you can pick up a sapira Hybrid queen size for right around the 1700 Mark after discount and again we Should have something to help you out With those savings linked in the Description box but what about side Sleepers you know I just talked about Some good options for back and stomach Sleepers but if you are a side sleeper And you're looking for the most Appropriate option from Lisa you might Want to check out their most premium bed Which is the Lisa Legend This is the Most premium high quality mattress Offering from the brand Lisa and it has The same type of construction as the Last two hybrid ones that I just Mentioned only it incorporates a Zone Support layer comprised of micro coils And foam so it should help to keep your Back more neutrally aligned at night and

It also features a hypoallergenic cover That's actually comprised of organic Cotton Merino wool and recycled fibers From water bottles if you can believe it So this is Lisa's more sustainably Sourced option it should be good for any Green thumbs out there and the whole bed Is actually green guard gold certified Which is a pretty tough natural and Organic certification to get in terms of Feel it features more of a soft foam Feel kind of a softer neutral foam feel That's a bit more nuanced you kind of Get a little bit of a sinking Sensation From those micro coils and due to its Softer firmness profile which sits in Between a medium soft and a medium honor Scale it should work out great for any Side or combination sleepers out there Looking for tons of pressure relief I Personally really enjoy the feel that's Found on the leesa legend I think it's Really nice I think it should be a great Option for anyone who's looking for more Of a luxurious pick and the pricing Definitely reflects that luxurious Notion it's right around the 2100 range After discount for the queen size but That's as of when I'm doing this video And that could likely change in the near Future so check in the description to See whatever is current with all the Pricing and promotions for all these Lisa beds and speaking of that that's

Pretty much going to sum it up for this Mega comparison I could go into a final Verdict for each one but I think you Guys get the gist you know what do you Think was this Mega comparison helpful For you which Lisa bed would you go with Within their lineup rise Down Below in The comments we would love to hear from You if you enjoyed this video you got Something out of it hit the Thumbs Up Button smash that like button subscribe To the channel for a lot more and if you Need any more information about any one Of these bits from Lisa head on over to Our website my Slumber yard.com or check Down below in the description box there Should be a ton of helpful goodies Linked down there for you but that's Pretty much going to do it for this one Again I'm JD with the Slumber yard Hopefully you're doing well out there And like always sleep right sleep tight And we'll see you next time Yards [Music] Like And subscribe