Leesa Legend Mattress Review | Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy

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Leesa Legend Mattress Review | Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy. In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach review the Leesa Legend Mattress. This is Leesa’s most premium hybrid mattress offering. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with this bed which include free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns, and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattress, how it feels and its firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for this bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy this mattress. All in all, the Leesa Legend mattress is a high quality hybrid mattress that should be able to accommodating all sleeper types. Thanks for watching this Leesa Legend mattress reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:14 – General Mattress Policies
2:35 – Construction
4:35 – Feel & Firmness
5:20 – Other Options
5:52 – Info for Couples
7:56 – Pricing & Discounts
8:43 – Final Verdict: Leesa Legend Review
9:18 – Conclusion

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So you're probably familiar with the Flagship Lisa mattress it's one of the Most popular options within the online Space ever created but are you pray tell Familiar with the legend the legend of Lisa no just the Lisa Legend just Kidding okay that's Lisa's top tier Mattress this guy's sitting right behind Me and today I'm going to try to tell You everything that you should know About it before you end up buying it for Yourself so you don't have to figure it Out so we're going to start this video Off by talking about the policies that This bed is backed by then we're going To delve deep into this bed's Construction tell you about everything It's made up of then we're going to talk About firmness feel elements for couples Of course pricing and at the very end I'm going to try to sum things up with a Final verdict on who we see the Lisa Legend mattress ultimately working out Best for I think if you're open-minded This video should be pretty much all you Need to know about this bed but just in Case it's not we're gonna have a ton More content and helpful resources Linked Down Below in the description Pertaining to this bed and while you're Down there if you enjoy this video you Maybe get something out of it drop a Like on this video feel free to Subscribe to the channel for so much

More but without further Ado here is the Lisa Legend review [Music] Alrighty so for starters let's talk Policy details so what exactly are you Going to be backed by should you decide To go the route of Lisa Legend and to be Clear we did receive this mattress for Free from Lisa to review and tell you Guys about it but if you end up buying It online for yourself you're going to Be back by the following policies Starting with completely free Bed-in-a-box shipping okay this means That this mattress is likely going to Arrive in a box that's around like four Feet tall and it's going to be rolled up And compressed nicely in tight plastic Packaging and all you got to do is just Drag that box in your home rip off all The plastic and watch it expand but Since it is a burlier hybrid bed you Might just want a friend there with you During the whole unboxing process just To help you out now once the bed is in Your possession you also get a trial Period of 100 full nights and this is Basically your time to try the bed out At home risk-free before it's officially Yours and if within that time you find That the leesa legend mattress isn't Exactly right for you and your sleeping Preferences or maybe even your partners Or something that's totally fine because

It is backed by completely free returns Within that trial period time frame and In that case you're just gonna phone Lisa the brand up and schedule time for For them to send somebody your way to Pick up the bed and take it off your Hands at no additional cost to you but If the opposite occurs you set up your New Lisa Legend you sleep on it for Those 100 nights and you want to Continue sleeping on it for the Foreseeable future that is great because It is backed by a standard 10-year Warranty we'll try to link some more Details regarding all this policy stuff That the leesa legend is backed by Down Below in the description box if you Maybe want to learn more about that Stuff but now it's time to move on into Construction so what exactly is the Leesa legend made up of well it starts Off with a thin layer of Base foam on The bottom and that's basically the Foundation that's provided for the bed And then you transition up into the Bed's main support layer of pocketed Coils now pocketed coils are basically Individually siled Springs that provide A lot of long-term motion isolation Durability and support for heavier Individuals and they also go a long way In increasing a bed's overall airflow And they even give them a bit of Bounce If that's something that you're into now

Above those coils just above them you Have a more responsive transitional Layer and then you've got more of a Zone Support layer that's divided into three Separate sections so you've got got a Thin layer of support foam within that Middle section of that transitional Layer and then you've got micro coils on The head and foot sections and this is Basically intended to help keep your Back more neutrally aligned at night While you sleep it's something that you Probably won't even notice is even there On the leesa legend when you go to hop On it but if you're somebody who suffers From chronic back pain on a nightly Basis my heart goes out to you but this Factor could benefit you in the long run Now above that zone support feature You've also got the bed's main Comfort Layers of memory foam and neutral foam And rounding everything out is a nice Cover that's comprised of organic cotton And Merino wool which also in turn makes The cover naturally hypoallergenic so if You suffer from chronic asthma or Allergies like I do that's also nice to Have now usually within a betting Product review I would go over X factors Later on in the video but the bed's main X factors actually have to do with its Construction so I'm going to go over Them here right now the leesa legend Actually uses a fair amount of

Sustainable and recycled materials Within its Construction and design it Contains polyester that's made up of Recycled water bottles is pretty cool to Know and it also uses coils that are Comprised of recycled steel so by going The route of Lisa Legend You're Not only Getting a really quality comfy bed You're also getting an ethically sourced One we'll link more information Regarding all the sustainability and Stuff and the overall construction for The leesa legend bed down below in the Description box as well if you maybe Want to check out the details of the Liner notes on all that stuff but what Does this design ultimately add up to Give the bed in terms of firmness and Feel well it gives it more of a soft Neutral foam feel overall even though The bed does use some memory foam for Comfort it basically just adds a bit of Pressure relief to the bed that's Balanced out nicely by the support coils Micro coils and more neutral Comfort Foams so to us it just feels like a Really soft comfy hybrid bed a really Quality one that we'd say nine out of 10 Sleepers should be able to get down with Right off the bat now in terms of Firmness you know we would say that the Leesa legend is right in between a Medium and a medium soft on our scale so It's a bit softer than the flagship Lisa

Or even the Lisa hybrid it'll probably Be a great option for all sleeper types But especially for side and combination Sleepers keep in mind though that Firmness is usually subjective based on How much you weigh and as I alluded to They make other options with different Furnace levels so the flagship Lisa is Right around a flat medium on our scale So that'll be a great option for all Sleeper types backside stomach and Combination and the Lisa hybrid or the Sapira hybrid whatever they're calling It nowadays is around a medium firm so It's a bit firmer so that's intended to Provide a little bit more support for Back and stomach sleepers while also Working for all sleeper types we've Actually done full written reviews on Both of those Beds which we will try to Link Down Below in the description for You guys if you may be interested in Checking some other options out from the Brand Lisa but now it's time to talk About some elements for couples to Consider so if you're going to be Sharing the Lisa Legend with your Partner or significant other what do you Gotta know and the main three takeaways For this section are Edge support motion Isolation and temperature regulation and In terms of edge support which basically Refers to how sturdy the perimeter of The mattress is under pressure it's

Pretty dang good considering that they Do use a reinforced coil barrier along The edges of the mattress which provide Really great Edge support for it in Terms of motion isolation which is Basically how well the bed absorbs cross Mattress movement it's pretty dang good Here since it does use a layer of memory Foam which has a material is good at Absorbing movement or motion so if You're maybe a light sleeper who's Easily woken up by their partner Jostling around at night or maybe Getting up in the middle of the night Their movement shouldn't in turn cause You to wake up why do cows love motion Isolation why Wes because they don't Want the bed to have a lot of move Movement Please somebody comment down below and Let let Ed let editor West know how Great of a job he's been doing for us Over here at the slumber in terms of Temperature regulation which is how Innately hot or cold the bed sleeps we Would say that the leesa legend performs Pretty much temperature neutral in this Regard you know a lot of other factors Go into the whole temperature regulation Thing like how hot you're keeping your Room or the types of sheets or pajamas That you're wearing you know all that Stuff plays a little bit more of a part Than the actual sleeping temperature of

The bed itself and there aren't really Any active cooling elements within this Mattress to really report on but it does Sleep temperature neutral as we've found Hey JD yes why do cows like beds that Sleep uh right in the middle please What's continue with the cow jokes yes Because their temperature new Neutral neutral that's how it should Sorry guys redact that comment that you Just put down in the comment section I'm So sorry for Overall if you're in a relationship and You're trying to accommodate two Sleeping preferences at once we'd say That the leesa legend is a really good Mattress for this type of sleeping Situation so definitely worth Consideration for most couples out there But now it's time to talk about pricing How much are you going to be shelling Out for the leesa legend well you know In this regard this is Lisa's top of the Line most cream of the crop option that You are purchasing so it's naturally Going to come with a bit of a premium Price point but as of when I'm doing This video it retails for the queen size For right around 2 600 bucks but Lisa as A brand is really good with the Discounts and promotions that they Usually run on their beds just like this One so after discount which we should Have link for you down below in the

Description box you can expect to pay Closer to the 2100 Mark as when I'm Recording this video keep in mind that Pricing for online beds within the space Changes often very frequently and we try To keep up to date on it the best we can So whatever is current with this Mattress is pricing and promotions Should be linked Down Below in the Description so feel free to check that Out and with that being said that's Pretty much going to sum it up for our Review of the Lisa Legend you know this Bed is truly legendary you know it's It's got a lot going for it and it Should be pretty nice for you if you Prefer a really premium quality hybrid Option but the question remains who Should really go with it and for what Reasons well over here at the slumber Yard this is just our humble opinion but We would say look into the Lisa Legend If you want the most premium option from Lisa that's a little softer than a Medium with a soft foam feel you like The sound of that zone support feature And you maybe even want a bed that's Made with sustainable materials but hey That's just our take on it what is yours What's a legend that you've recently Heard of have you heard of a some sort Of a myth maybe a mattress related one Write us down below in the comments we Would love to hear from you and we love

The comments that you guys send in so Keep on sending them if you enjoyed this Video you got something out of it I Maybe helped you towards your online Mattress search please feel free to like This video subscribe to the channel if You'd like to keep up to date with us But that's pretty much going to do it For this one again I'm Jamie with the Slumber yard hopefully you're doing well Out there and like always sleep right Sleep tight and we'll see you next time What's a cow's favorite body part hold On There calves Cut the end of the video end it [Music] Like And subscribe