Leasing With An Option to Buy (Rent to Own)

Are you looking for a rental with a ton of flexibility? This may be the rental program for you!!!

What is the Home Partners of America Lease with a Right to Purchase Program?

It’s all about finding a home that fits your current needs. Let’s say you want to own a home in a nice neighborhood but you just aren’t ready to buy. Maybe you want to be in a good school zone and there are limited rentals available to pick from. You may also be working on repairing your credit and you just need a year or two to qualify for a mortgage. Possibly you need a home that is guaranteed to let you rent for more than one year.

Home Partners of America purchases homes that are currently for sale and leases them back to you. This option opens up a lot more possibilities to rent a home because now you can look at homes that are for sale. You get to pick the house, they purchase it, you lease/rent it from them. You do have the option to buy it from them for a predetermined price at any time. But, there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

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