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Lease Option Homes in the Syracuse Suburbs

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Lease Option Homes in the Syracuse Suburbs

Onondaga County, NY
Donavan Pieterse

A Rent to Own Home or “Lease Option” is a form of seller financing requiring a very low down payment. The buyer’s goal is securing a bank mortgage in under 1-3 years. In the meantime, treat the property as your home. Our program gives you the right to buy, sell, improve and live in the home as if you already had title to it. While your family lives in the home, we will help you learn mortgage concepts and pay for continuing homebuyer education.
The government and local banks are very interested in helping you buy your home. Talk to us about a $8000 cash incentive from the IRS. Two banks in CNY have savings programs which give you $4 for every $1 you put in. The two programs can be used together. Call us for details or check out our website.

Price: $1900 to $3400 Down Payment
Bedrooms: 2-5

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