Latex Mattress an How to select the propper mattress for you.

Latex mattresses and the different grades. Explaining how you should pick the perfect mattress.
Latex layers are really great because you can put them together however you desire for your firmness. So you can start out with the soft on the top, medium in the middle, firm on the bottom. You can also arrange it with extra foam on the bottom, medium in the middle, soft on the top. So the possibilities are endless when you’re putting together your own latex mattress. You can also exchange layers in latex mattresses, which is really easy as well. You can just take off your top layer and exchange it for something softer or firmer.

So this is what the finished product looks like when you’re putting together layers for a latex mattress. This one happens to be our organic deluxe pillow top. And this is what it looks like on the inside. You’ve got the organic wool, the organic cotton, and the organic muslin.

There’s several options when you’re building a latex mattress for a cover. This was the organic like I said, and then over here we have our double knit, which is the less expensive non-organic cover.

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