Korda Masterclass Vol 7: Summer Carp Fishing | Danny Fairbrass & Darrell Peck


CHAPTER 1: Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck tackle a beautiful German syndicate fishing water in the height of Summer. With temperatures hitting high 31 degrees their tactics to target carp in both open water and close to snags will add numerous edges to any anglers armoury. Danny Fairbrass stays put and works one central swim, whilst Darrell Peck does his thing and chases the fish around.

Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 7 contains MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove and Korda Koach Rob Burgess. A fantastic FREE set of carp fishing videos that will catch you more fish.
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