Knife Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

If you’re stuck in the woods, a good knife will come in handy for sharpening sticks, cutting cord, cutting bandages, and possibly even skinning a hunt or fish.

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Hi and thank you so much for Watching this video um we are on our Sixth Item to add your wilderness survival kit So the sixth item is knife so if you’re Stuck in the woods um a good knife will Come in handy for separating sticks Cutting cords Cutting bandages and possibly even Skinning A hunt or Fish So I’m gonna show you five websites where You can buy Good Knife So um this one is Sog or sog that that is studies And observations group So this is the ultra x r so the ultra Lightweight everyday carry Available in gold graphite and satin Blade finishes This looks good Um So if you want to know more about This product just click on this video And watch it so it says here 35 years of Building the best situation writing gear For professionals adventurers and Everyday users So yeah as you can see here

This Is the clxr usa made so let’s click on That one And you see here it’s 188 dollars And 95 cents So it has a five star review Out of 80 reviews All right so this is a hard used folding Knife made entirely in the usa this is Designed and optimized in consultation With professional users So the clxr provides and feel And the feel and functionality Functionality of a seal knife in the Form of a large format pocket knife So Yeah so uh what i like about this one is That this is a fully Uh this is extremely durable uh knife With high corrosion resistance and edge Retention And this is also fully ambidextrous Design And One of the best tactical knives Available today so meaning ambidextrous Meaning you can use it with your left or Right hand It says recite wide free shipping backed By our lifetime Warranty so this is great this is Lifetime warranty and mission ready Purpose built So if you scroll down

Um Below you will see here the Functionality of the fast knife It’s more it’s more on the details and The description of the knife Here click on the features the tech Specs Here So you can see it’s closed length Blade length is 3.9 inches blade Thickness is 0.19 inches Um And so on There they also have like the complete Kit here There you go and the Customer reviews One of the most Solid folders i have ever seen it may Even surpass my emerson costume in Durability and Functionality it’s a recommendation Recommendation yes where did you buy This product on on this website and Recommend this product Yes So love the after opening and closing The blade great balance and great fill Great feel in the hand So Yeah As you can see a while ago it’s a 5 star Review out of 80 reviews which is really Great

So yeah there’s a lot of um A lot of uh there’s a lot of knives of Uh Types of types here in sog so you can Actually just scroll and um search for More uh types of Knives that is best suitable for you and Yeah so but but then again uh this one Is 188.95 for this um Type of knife seal xr There we go so that is uh Sog all right next up we have Ah this is what their knife looks like Cool So Uh this one is 52 dollars And it says their cartoon flipper Opening frame lock stainless steel Handles so the the specifications here Is also included and it says here it’s a Lifetime Warranty so it says here as well this is A five-star review out of three Reviews so more of the details of the Product is here there is also a youtube Video on about the product or yeah about The product about the design And if you want to learn more about it Just click on this one And

So yeah this is the founder And uh there are also types other types Of knives that you might want to look Into and if you think that it’s It’s your um Type then just go ahead and add the card And buy it so let me just read one of The review here it says i love this Knife I love this knife is not bulky therefore You don’t feel it all the time It has a great flip open mechanism but The black paint scratches off after a Bit of use All in all All in all awesome knife so if you’re Not Into the paints of the Product And you know that it’s gonna be it’s Gonna scratch sometime then that’s if That’s okay with you then go ahead and Buy this one this is a lot cheaper than The clxr This is again um 59 i’m sorry 52 There you go So lifetime warranty as well Again Next up we have swagger Uh no uh Gerber They have a flagger ao it’s fifty Dollars

And again this is an everyday tactical Blade for the job So reliable plunge lock the partially Separated blade confidently takes on any Tasks The features are here the specification And Also they have a video of it So they have 3.4 Of out of 5 stars um I’m gonna read one Okay it says they’re very unsafe when Putting and prep when putting any Pressure when blade is locked Um open lucky the bone in my fingers Stop the blade or it will have cut my Finger off all right Not a good start The review But at least you have an idea Of what the product um is So again this is 50 All right next up we have um okc or Ontario knifeco Uh on so they have the rat 2bp back handle Um Says here Featuring versatile um eight stainless Steel and an island handle It’s 49.87 And you can see the details and Description and another related products

Here just click on whichever design that You like There is also an additional information Like the edge type the hardness the Overall length The lock type So on And we have also a review here It’s Um 3.5 reviews Uh this is actually three Out of Three reviews only it says here nice Small knife so i gave this knife as a Gift i didn’t read the size description I already owned the rat one before Purchasing my fault it was smaller than I would have normally purchased all in All it is a nice knife and the person That received it liked it Yeah so this is the okc there’s a lot of Different Types of knives as well here so just go Ahead and scroll down the prices are Different there’s fifty dollars Eighty-five dollars forty-eight dollars Twenty-seven uh dollars and but this one Is 49.87 So yeah again that’s Last but not the least we have the bokeh Usa Um Bo carthagen if i’m not mistaken so this

One is a very uh pricey knife this is The kalashnikov Black it’s 389 dollars so this is a Pocket knife But currently not available Okay and you can see the description Here unfortunately it it doesn’t have Any reviews yet So it says here the task in development The broker kala Kalashnikov was the integrated design Elements of the ak-47 assault rifle and Base Design on the world famous rifles Which lets me say oh yeah [Music] This is what the box looks like this is What it looks like when you hold it This is the design Of the Part Here Which is awesome Auto automatic kalashnikov 47 So yeah there’s other products here but Yeah for this specific type of Knife this is 389. So again it depends on Your budget it depends on your suit Under your um use So just go ahead and Search for these Websites again

Gerber Gerber gear dot com [Applause] and So again thank you so much for watching This video please see me on to the next One thank you