Knife/Multipurpose Tool & Tips For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Knife/multipurpose tool – These tools are great for food preparation, gear repair, making a camp or shelter, and first aid and emergency situations.

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Hi guys and welcome back so we are on Our fifth Item on uh our 11 vital items to include In your survival pack so um The fifth on our list is knife or a Multi-purpose tool So these tools are great for food Preparation Gear repair Making a camp or shelter and first aid And emergency Situations so i will be giving you five Websites where you can actually buy them So first up is And you can see here It is quart ps4 So this is what it looks like A colorful keychain multisite multi-tool With durable aluminum handles spring Action pliers and more so they have Three colors they have it in black In red And in blue This one is in blue So again the price is 39. There you go here is the review Highlights it it’s a powerful small tool That can be used for a minor repairs and Projects which is glued So this is the tool So number one uh hit this verse number One here Spring action needle nose pliers Spring action regular pliers spring

Action wire cutters Um 420 hc knife Here Spring action scissors where is it five Oh this one Flat phillips screwdriver This one Bottle opener this one Wood Metal File This one And medium screwdriver This one i guess So that is the tools included and here’s The details it is lightweight mini tool Comes in handy for everything Um Warranty here says we’re proud to stand Behind every product that leaves our Factory in portland oregon that’s why we Offer our 25-year warranty so you can be Confident your leatherman lasts for a Lifetime of you so they have a 25-year Warranty which is great Um there’s a lot of of different types Of um Multi-tool again what i like about this One it says here it is customizable or Not so if you click on this one let’s See It says here it’s customizable Okay so this is for 59.95

And Let’s see here So there’s a lot of tools here they have A review here i ordered three of the Wingman multitools as christmas presents For my son and his friends i had them Customized with their names ah They look great and i was surprised at How quickly they were shipped i ordered Them on saturday afternoon and they Shipped monday They arrived by wednesday or thursday Okay so that’s What customizable Is So this is great this it has 509 reviews Uh it’s Four stars four and a half stars out of Five stars which is great Details again 25 Years So this is what it looks like So cool This one has a lot more tools included a While ago was just nine tools but this One is 14 tools so they have a small Screwdriver medium screwdriver phillips Screwdriver Wood metal file bottle opener can opener They have a ruler too number eight This one So okay so this must be a ruler here Package opener

Spring action scissors Combo knife wire stripper Spring action wire cutters spring action Regular pliers and spring action needle Nose suppliers so it has more Tools Included Let’s put the specs this is the specs so The closed length is 3.8 inches or 9.7 Centimeters So this is the specs here The features So they have a locking blade Replaceable pocket clip This one Outside accessible features and one hand Are operable features so which is great So yeah there’s a lot of different types Of tools here Multi-tools here in leatherman so just Pick Um What is the best multi-tool that suits You yep all right next up we have gerber so they also have a multi-tool Here this is 24 And they have three colors here we have Red Black oh i clicked on that and what is This green There we go i like the black one All right so the idea is simple always Be prepared correct the dime is a mini Multi tool with an impressive list of

Features ensuring you are ready for Anything this butterfly open tool fits On your keychain yet has 12 useful tools Available in multiple colors and Bladeless version as well Okay this is the features here compact Lightweight size fits perfectly in Pocket a daily companion for any task Convenient easily accessible butterfly Opening sturdy stainless steel Construction 10 tools which is Needle nose spring load pliers wire Cutter Plain edge blade retail package opener Scissors medium flat driver cross head Driver bottle opener tweezers file and Limited lifetime this is a limited Lifetime warranty which is great they Also have a video here if you want to Learn more about the product so click Just click on that one Oh here is The tools here so just read them and you Will know what are the tools included so They have a 3.5 out of 5 stars which is Oh which is not bad so it says here i Have the black gerber dime i love the Ultra convenience with a little bad boy Sorry i love the ultra convenience this Little bad boy delivers it has a nice Tactical look too i love it So There you go

So i bought this multi-tool keychain it Works great i have to say that it was a Really good purchase i am always using It and it doesn’t It and it hasn’t given me any problems Which is great Did not come with floating tweezers Excellent for ultralight backpacking Hunting and daily needs so this is great Not bad for gerber Gear So there you go So that is um all right Next up is so this one is oh this one is Already discontinued Let me see let me see Let’s go on Wait All right i’m back so sorry i’m in the Wrong page here but this is the Multi-tools all right so we have here Um The septimo multi-tool for 56 dollars Kert Kearing Key ring emergency rescue tool So it says your portable utility tape This kitchen with you useful utility Seat belt strap cutter Useful utility bottle opener flat Screwdriver and wrenches for 12 dollars There so there is a lot of multi tools

Here at As you can see just Hover your mouse on the item and you Will see the description here And what is best used for this Multi-tool It says here safety when clipped Safety cone tip cover for window breaker Protects while stowed This is a glass breaker steel glass Breaker for passenger Side windows in emergency situations They also have this this is like a spoon Four combination flat screwdriver and Bottle opener for only 14.99 So there’s a lot of multi-tool sale Multi-tools here at And just look into it and Whatever suits you just buy that one So the price range is around Um seven dollars Up to Up to fifty six dollars Yeah this one is really cool this Because It says receptable multi-tool extremely Sharp Provides superior cutting power of ropes And straps Enhance protection Black oxide finish improves corrosion Resistance useful utility Knife phillips flat screwdriver bottle

Opener and glass breaker Easy closing liner lock can be easily Closed with one hand and convenient Adjustable wrench works in not on nuts And bolts so yeah it depends on you Which multi-tool you want to have just Click them and buy them so yeah this is A great shop this is next up is This is actually more on Knives There’s a lot of different knives here Which is great Um Like for example this one if you want to Watch it just click on this one And So the price is 188.95 For this specific product which is seal Xr usa made So Also there’s like knives multi-tools They have multi-tools here as well Power Assist black nylon pouch so this is 74.95 And Yeah Here are the Multi-tools Para shears red There’s a lot so which is great and you Can see also the star sign up

The review So this is 4.7 out of 5 star review This is 3.9 4.7 4.2 4.4 4.1 4.7 So Just read the description here just Click learn more And they will Give you the details here And it says here Site wide free shipping Backed by our lifetime Warranty Mission ready purpose uh built So you can see here here’s the features Tech specs complete the kit see it in Action they also have a video and Reviews here Good tool terrible pouch That’s the review Power is this bought this for my son’s Birthday i’ve had one for about 10 years And i’m very happy with it Okay it says here it has a problem with The pouch The pouch is not as universal as i had Hoped it would be nice if they would Revert back to the type of pouch they Made back in 2004. in some cases it it Is nice to be able to weave it into mole Gear Where on Wear on a belt upright or run onto a Belt

Lengthwise So there’s a lot of reviews here And let’s see here [Music] There you go this is the You will see the overall length product Weight And all of this here This is This this looks good So again this is sog Next on our list is Everyma everyman Dot com This is a porter key multi tool this is What it looks like So it says Here um [Music] Build to blend in with your current key Setup it’s an edge that exists In your everyday life without getting in The way and a bottle opener that’s Always with you when you need to unwind So it’s like a key button opal um Bottle opener Which is great There you go so this is how much is this So this is for 19 Again we have this is 74. by the way for This specific one um and

So thank you so much for watching this Video please stay tuned for our sixth Item Thank you so much