Kid o Bunk for RV Living


Kid o Bunk for RV Living

This is our story Jeremy, Yumi, Leea, Egon, and Cia about how i Sold my Daily Driver for an RV so that my Kids could ride in style and we could travel every chance we get! My wife is still getting us to the RV but the Kids are loving it!!!

In this video the kids give us a hand with making a video and review, unbox, and assemble the Disc-o-Bed / Kid o Bed.

The process takes about 20 min if done using a 6, 4 and 2 kid pending not ANTS… as you will see we had a small problem during assemble.

We used the Cots, Camping Beds,discobed for out 7 day RV Living trip last month and they work Great!

If you have any question shoot me an email.

Enjoy the 4th of July and our Independence

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