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Keybank Has More Ads Up Than ANYONE!

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Keybank Has More Ads Up Than ANYONE!

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Keybank Has More Ads Up Than ANYONE!


Got a little meeting today. Never sure if the stubble’s too long, might be too long. It’s like cool guy stubble, and then this guy needs to take care of that. I’m not sure where I’m at right now, but it might be a little long.

KeyBank doing a lot of ads, man, look at all these ads. Scrolling forever and they’re all different. “What does financial progress feel like? For Michelle, it’s peace of mind. Find out what it will feel like for you,” and then they got this person talking about their experience with KeyBank and what’s important to them. This is high production. This isn’t like a cell phone testimonial video. They actually had this person come into the bank, sit down, they hired a crew, and they did it right.

I’m a fan of that. I’m also a fan of the testimonial style, but for a bank, this is the way it has to go, it’s got to be high production, very quality, trustworthy. I’m just a big fan of the angle that they’re playing. They’re not even saying, “Hey, come sign up with us,” it says, “What does financial progress feel like? For Michelle,” it’s good. It gets your mind working.

Here’s another one, “Waived home equity fees,” waived home equity fees, am I paying home equity fees? Man. I like this copy a lot, “Even full price feels like a deal with your Key Cashback credit card. Make progress with up to 2% cash back,” that’s good cash back. That’s up there with the best of them. “Lower rates and waived fees. Take advantage of our best home equity rates exclusively for KeyBank clients.” Man, they have got a lot of unique copy with a lot of unique creatives. These all look like custom high quality stock style photos. The videos are really nice, even this kind of what feels like a more casual credit card ad is still really nice.

“How does your personality affect your financial decisions?” Man, I review a lot of ads, a lot of different companies. There are very few companies that have this many unique creatives and this much unique copy. These guys are doing a great job, I bet they’re spending a ton of money with very specifically targeted ads for different audiences of people that they may be bucketed or prospecting to that are interested in different things. I couldn’t be more impressed here, really.

I bet they’re on LinkedIn. KeyBank, let’s see your ads. Yeah, they’ve got ads up appropriate. “Take your small business to the next level with the help of Key’s industry-leading tools and advice.” Let’s see the click through here. Small business, financial wellness. Nice page. Man, KeyBank is dialed in. Look at all these ads. How many ads do you have up? How many new creatives are you putting up, people watching this video? If you don’t have this, my Gosh, look at these ads, there are so many. This is the way it should be, you need a lot of creatives folks. You’ve got to invest in your creatives. You’ve got to have really great copy. You’ve got to work hard to get in front of people in different ways, it’s very hard.

Let’s check you out on Google. Wow, there’re no brand protection. No one’s even buying on your name, wow. That is unbelievable. Let’s check Bank of America. I’ve been to your site now, KeyBank, KeyBank. No? What about like Union Bank? No? You might pop a competitor [inaudible 00:03:16] guys.

Without having much Google presence, you really could do a great job. Let’s see, if I pop up YouTube and watch a video, if you guys are going to pop up. Grammarly, no. You’re not popping up, you’re not advertising on YouTube either. If somebody’s on your website and they look at small business financial wellness, if you had a video about small business or assistance or getting a wellness review for your business, YouTube is a great way to get in front of people again for that. It’s very, very affordable placement, anybody who’s really interested in that might not want to read a long article, but if they see a little video about it, they remember, “Oh yeah, KeyBank offers that. Let me see what it really means,” and then they see a video on YouTube, they might watch the whole thing, you’d be really surprised with the completion view-through rate is, it’s really pretty high for people that are on retargetting lists.

Something you might really consider… You might consider putting up some search ads, like if I… Let me use your exact language, MetLife comes up for small business financial wellness, MetLife, Biz2credit, One Park Financial, Lending Tree. I mean, you guys have a page on your site named small business financial wellness, let’s put an ad up buying that keyword.

Look at all these other brands, they’re using it. So you might consider putting some Google search adds up, if people are actually considering making a change, I have to imagine that intent-based search is going to be something Bobby Dietz

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