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Kansas City Rent To Own Homes, Lease Purchase Option

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Kansas City Rent To Own Homes, Lease Purchase Option

Anybody Can Rent To Own In Kansas City!

Have you and your family been wanting to buy a house but could not just afford the high costs of down payments?

Rent to Own Your Home Kansas City is dedicated to finding alternative solutions for individuals and families looking to purchase a home but are not able to do the lack of down payment or credit challenges. Our program provides a real solution for potential home buyers with these issues.

When working with Rent to Own Your Home Kansas City we evaluate your specific situation and through our partnerships with real estate professionals and seasoned financial consultants in the Kansas City market place, put a plan in place to not only help you find a home but ultimately become a home owner typically within a 1 to 2 year time frame.

Some on the advantages of rent to own are:

–A portion of your rental payment is applied to your down payment
–You have time to work on repairing and building your credit
–You get to occupy the home during this time frame
–You no longer have to rent an apartment
–You have pride in knowing that you will soon be a home owner!

What’s required for Rent to Own Your Home Kansas City?

The only thing that is required is your willingness to follow the easy step by step process that’s laid out for you to assure you properly position yourself to purchase your home at the completion on the rental agreement.

You are making an investment in your family’s future so your willingness to follow that plan is important to your successful transition to becoming a home owner.

Don’t let your lack of down payment or less than perfect credit keep you from owning your own home!

Let Rent to Own Your Home Kansas City help you finally achieve the dream of owning your own home!!

Owning a house is on the top list of any American dreamers. It is considered as a major achievement by many. However, with more and more people out of jobs now, how can we come closer to this dream. The good news is it is not very much difficult anymore.

Now, people venturing on the real estate business have come up with an option that people may find as an advantage. In this process, any buyer or prospective buyer will be required first to stay as tenants for two to three years in the house which later on can be bought from the seller.

Just like any other renting options, tenants are required to pay a monthly rental fee among others like a twenty percent down payment. This set up, as found by those who have and are currently in to, is far cheaper compare to the down payment asked by normal housing agencies or companies. Most buyers find this more convenient and as an advantage since more time will be given to allow them to earn and save money for a down payment.

Once the tenant has completed the number of years, he or she can now buy the house completing its full payment. The house is sold based on its original price and the seller will just then have to accumulate the monthly fees contributed and subtract it from its original price. It is important that as a buyer you are very sure of what you want and that you are willing to commit in this kind of agreement because if you are not it will always be the tenant who is at the losing end.

This means that in case the tenant did not pursue in buying the house, the tenant will not have a chance to reimburse the money he or she has paid, the seller gets to keep it and can decide to kick him/her out of the house.

It is important that buyers know what they want in the first place. So if you are planning into jumping into this kind of option, come up with a list first or do your research for available houses for rent in the location you prefer. Afterwards, give them a visit and heck if this would be the place you would like to get settled into. Also, see that price of the monthly rental fee, as agreed upon by you and the seller, is on your budget.

The nice thing about this is the prices are usually negotiable although, sellers can ask for a higher monthly rental fee if they like to. If sellers are intelligent, buyers have to be more intelligent and wiser. It is also advised that you bring with you someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of real estate.

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