Josh Clemente, Levels // Optimizing Metabolic Health + The Future Of Health Tech


Josh Clemente is the founder of Levels. He’s a mechanical engineer, CrossFit L2 trainer + previously leads teams at Hyperloop + SpaceX where he developed life support systems for astronauts going into space.

In this conversation, we discuss the importance of optimizing your metabolic health, how software can drive behavior change + the future of health tech.

-what is metabolic health + why is it important?
-stories from working with Elon Musk at SpaceX & Hyperloop
-why you should monitor your glucose
-the myth of the “balanced diet”
-know who to trust when it comes to nutrition science
-actionable advice on improving nutrition, exercise, sleep + stress
-how software can help drive behavior change


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:21 Welcome
00:02:26 What is Metabolic Health?
00:03:54 SpaceX
00:06:28 Hyperloop
00:08:21 Inspiration for Levels
00:17:17 The Myth of a Balanced Diet
00:21:29 Why You Should Monitor Glucose
00:25:07 Knowing Who To Trust On Nutrition?
00:27:52 Using Levels
00:36:50 Price Per User + Team
00:44:55 Funding Levels
00:47:04 The First 3-6 Months
00:50:52 Branding + Finding An Audience
00:54:03 Marketing Lifestyle Apps
00:57:25 The Future of Health Tech – Integrating Health Data
01:02:18 Collecting Health Data + Influencing the Health Care System
01:06:56 4 Parts of Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep + Stress
01:15:08 Wrap-Up

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