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What Are Dreams and Why Do We Have Dreams?

Though we can see what portions of the brain are active and dormant during sleep, the search for the answer to what dreams are and why we dream still goes on. This is because it is impossible to understand why we dream if we are unwilling to look at that which we call “spirit”. View this article to see why.

How Mandibular Advancement Devices Work

Though mandibular advancement device may seem complicated it’s actually just another way of saying snoring mouth guard or mouthpiece. In recent years the use of anti-snoring devices has increased significantly as more people seek out non-surgical treatments for mild to severe snoring problems and sleep apnea. Noisy, bothersome and potentially harmful, snoring afflicts nearly 30% of the population at some time or another and if this condition persists you should search for alternative snoring remedies including snoring mouthpieces that are designed to be cheap, easy to use and comfortable.

How to Solve Complex Intellectual Problems in Your Mind While Sleeping

If you are an intellectual thinker who works on serious challenges, then I am most certain you’ve been completely baffled without an answer to a problem, and then one day you go to sleep and wake up with the answer. But how can this be you ask? What is it about the unconscious mind that allows for this?

Effect of Alcohol on Sleep

Alcohol is a popular substance consumed by millions of people around the world, children and adults alike. It is highly abused, but also widely used as a sleep aid. However, alcohol worsens sleep problems. When consumed by normal individuals, alcohol rapidly induces sleep. It increases non-REM sleep and reduces REM sleep during the first part of the night.

The Pros and Cons of Napping

What are the benefits and costs of napping? Is it a good idea to take naps, or do the cause more harm than good? What is the best way to nap? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about naps, and then some!

How To Cure Insomnia – 5 Natural Ways To Get Your Sleep Back

Do you wake up in the middle of the night every night? Do you feel as if your personal life is being affected because your not getting the proper amount of sleep? Have you tried different types of pills and medicine to put you to sleep, but you still find yourself waking up in the midst of the night? Well, more than likely you have fallen victim to a disorder called Insomnia.

Sleep and Depression

Sleep and depression are usually inter linked. Depressive illness usually create sleep problems. It is not that all the sleep problems are due to depression. Lack of sleep may be due to some medical reason too. Not having a good sleep aggravates depression. This sleep deprivation is termed Insomnia.

Common Causes Of Insomnia

The person suffering from insomnia will have trouble either going to sleep or trouble remaining asleep and often times they will suffer from both complaints. There is often a cycle of awakening in the early morning hours, usually between 3am and 4am, and when they can sleep, their sleep is often restless and disturbed.

How to Sleep Better at Night

A good night’s sleep is vitally important in order to maintain good health. Sleep recharges your body and also restores your mind as well, and it’s impossible to live without it.

Studies Support Natural Pain and Insomnia Remedies While Abuse of Pain Drugs Soars

A battle has been raging for some time between potent natural remedies and addictive drugs and medicines. Mother Nature has provided us with two natural remedies for pain and insomnia that are backed by scientific studies – calcium and magnesium.

Sleep Better On An Electric Adjustable Bed

If you cannot sleep at night it may bed due to your old flatbed. Millions of Americans suffer from flatbed related aches and pains at night. That’s right your flatbed may be causing your pain. As we age our bodies become more sensitive to pain.

Narcolepsy Diagnosis Criteria – Narcolepsy And Cataplexy

If you feel excessively tired during the day, you can use the narcolepsy diagnosis criteria to find out if narcolepsy is likely to be the cause of your problems. Let me explain how the criteria work, and how understanding the nature of cataplexy can help you find appropriate treatment.

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