Intermittent Fasting 101 Part 2

Intermittent Fasting 101 Part 2

For those who haven’t watched the part 1 yet, please watch the video first before watching this part 2. Thanks!

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[Music] Hi guys welcome back so let’s talk about Intermittent fasting 101 the ultimate Beginner’s guide part 2. For those who haven’t watched the part 1 Yet please watch the video first before Watching this part 2. thanks and let’s Go ahead Here are answers to the most common Questions about intermittent fasting Can i drink liquids during the fast Yes Water coffee tea and other non Caloric beverages are fine Do not add sugar to your coffee Small amounts of milk or cream may be Okay Coffee can be particularly beneficial During a fast as it can blunt hunger Number two Isn’t it unhealthy to skip breakfast No The problem is that most stereotypical Breakfast skippers Have unhealthy lifestyles if you make Sure to eat healthy food for the rest of The day then the practice is perfectly Healthy Number three can i take supplements While fasting Yes However keep in mind that some Supplements like fat soluble vitamins May work better when taken with meals

Number four can i work out while fasted Yes Acid workouts are fine some people Recommend taking branched chain amino Acids before a fasted workout you can Find many bcaa products on amazon Number five Will fasting cause muscle loss All weight loss methods can cause muscle Loss which is why it’s important to lift Weights and keep your protein intake High One study showed that intermittent Fasting causes less muscle loss than Regular calorie restriction Number six will fasting slow down my Metabolism No Studies show that short term fasts Actually boost metabolism However longer fast of three or more Days can suppress metabolism Number seven Should kids fast Allowing your child to fast is probably A bad idea Getting started Chances are that you’ve already done Many intermittent fast in your life If you’ve ever eaten dinner then slept Late and not eaten until lunch the next Day Then you’ve probably already fastened For 16

Plus hours Some people instinctively eat this way They simply don’t feel hungry in the Morning Many people consider the 16 8 method as The simplest and most sustainable way of Intermittent fasting You might want to try this practice First If you find it easy and feel good during The fast then maybe try moving on to More advanced fast like 24 hour fast Like one to two times per week Eat stop eat or only eating 500 to 600 Calories one to two days per week which Is the 5-2 diet Another approach is to simply fast Whenever it’s convenient Simply skip meals from time to time when You’re not hungry or don’t have time to Cook There is no need to follow a structured Intermittent fasting plan to derive at Least some of the benefits Experiments with the different Approaches and find something that you Enjoy and fits your schedule Should you try it Intermittent fasting is not something That anyone needs to do it’s simply one Of many lifestyle strategies that can Improve your health Eating real food exercising and taking Care of your sleep are still the most

Important factors to focus on If you don’t like the idea of fasting Then you can safely ignore this video And continue to do what works for you At the end of the day there is no one Size fits all solution when it comes to Nutrition The best diet for you is the one you can Stick to in the long run Intermittent fasting is great for some People not others the only way to find Out which group you belong is to try it Out If you feel good when fasting and find It to be a sustainable way of eating it Can be a very powerful tool to lose Weight and improve your health That’s it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one