intelliWHiTE INDIGLOW Teeth Whitening Light System

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What It Is
An athome tooth whitening light system that uses light in the violet/indigo spectrum to remove stains more effectively and faster than our athome blue light systems.

What You Get

INDIGLOW Teeth Whitening Light with USB Cable
.12 oz. INDIGLOW Whitening Gel Pen
1 oz. INDIGLOW PreWhitening Paste
Clear teal bag
Manufacturer’s 1year limited warranty

What It Does
In an Expert Grader assessment using a measured shade scale, 32 participants who used INDIGLOW achieved an average of 12 shades whiter after one 20minute session.

Teeth Whitening Light System

INDIGLOW uses a spectrum of light that is between blue and purple
When the PreWhitening Treatment paste is combined with the INDIGLOW Light it helps catalyze the pH neutral Whitening Gel containing 14% hydrogen peroxide. The PreWhitening Treatment Paste cleans the tooth surface, raises the pH and uses a photocatalyst comprised of both zinc oxide and magnesium gluconate to aid in breaking down the hydrogen peroxide faster. This reaction paired with the indigo/violet light waves from the device delivers rapid whitening results.
INDIGLOW has a 20 second microvibration segment in the beginning of treatment to help mix and activate the prewhitening paste and the whitening gel on the tooth’s surface
Light tool is able to reach deep into the mouth to help include the back teeth with 10 lights on top row and 10 lights on bottom row for a total of 20 lights mounted in the mouth guard
Light system approx. 2.5″L x 1″W x 2.25″H

Whitening Gel Pen

Strongest hydrogen peroxide concentration (14%) intelliWHiTE has ever put into a whitening pen
Developed for use with the INDIGLOW Teeth Whitening Light System
Easy to use
Refreshing mint flavor
Contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that has been known to make plaque less adhesive to teeth
Contains no dyes, no saccharin, no parabens, no carbamide or urea peroxide (ammonia byproducts)

PreWhitening Paste

Helps prepare the tooth’s surface by removing debris and the pellicle layer
Raises the pH of the tooth’s surface, and contains both zinc oxide and magnesium gluconate to help catalyze the 14% of hydrogen peroxide in the pH neutral intelliWHiTE INDIGLOW Whitening Gel to make for more effective whitening results
Contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that is known to make plaque less sticky to the teeth

Mouth Guard

Water resistant (Do not submerge in water)

Clear Bag

Helps store your set together in one place
Approx. 5″L x 2.75″W x 5″H

How to Use

Have in front of you the mouthpiece light (charged), INDIGLOW Whitening Pen, PreWhitening Treatment Paste, and a dry toothbrush
Using a dry toothbrush, squeeze a small, pearl size amount of PreWhitening Treatment Paste on to toothbrush
Dry front surface of teeth with tissue
In circular motion, brush teeth moving from tooth to tooth do not spit out excess, do not rinse
TIP Prior to applying Whitening Gel, if you have dry or sensitive lips, place lip balm or Vaseline on outside and inner rim of lip line
Make a wide smile and apply a thin layer of INDGLOW Whitening Gel on teeth, staying away from gum tissue
Insert the mouthpiece, with the purple power button facing up. Make sure teeth are firmly pressed against mouthpiece, then bite down to hold firmly in place
Turn light on
You will feel vibration for 20 seconds Light will stay on for 20 minutes
Wipe tip of pen off with tissue before replacing cap and storing
Remove Light
Spit out any residue
Clean mouthpiece using damp cloth or with toothbrush and toothpaste, and wipe clean with a damp cloth
Do not eat or drink for 20 minutes

Made in USA and China
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