Intelligent Mattress Selection


At Berkeley Ergonomics we think that your mattress, even you side of your mattress should be tailor fit to the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable materials available.
Over the last twenty five years we have been analyzing scientific data and fitting thousands of people to come up with a unique design that works for everyone.
Our mattresses, made in the United States are actually made of European components. We search the world to find the highest quality, but more importantly, the highest performance materials that we can put into our mattresses. We are always looking for performance over price.
Our passion has always been about the quality of sleep and how sleep affects our lives, not just making mattresses.
Choosing the right mattress can be very confusing; there are thousands of choices out there and literally thousands of pages on the Internet that could confuse the most astute scholar. If we just use common sense to guide us there are some basic points that we should all know.
There are five things that primarily underlie the performance of a mattress.
One, good pressure relief on the shoulder and hip; we call this elastic surface tension.
Two, is good, proper support, we call this dynamic support; something that responds to you as you move.
Third is the climate in which we sleep; the temperature, the humidity.
Fourth, the mattress should promote healthy breathing. It should reduce the amount of toxins that we are taking into our bodies as well as allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew.
Fifth, the mattress should be tailored to the individual, not one size fits all.
On the top of our mattress we have organic cotton, but it is a knit rather than woven. A knitted material, like a tee shirt, stretches. In stretching it allows for better body conformation, it allows a bony shoulder to poke in, it prevents you from feeling the person next to you via a tug. This also promotes better airflow. Most mattress coverings are woven, like your jeans, when it does not give, it does not stretch.
The next layer is wool. It is merino wool from the French Alps. It has only been washed in baking soda – chemically safe. Also mold and mildew technically cannot grow on wool and because of it dryness it greatly inhibits dust mites. Wool can hold a third of it weight in moisture without feeling hot. The number one reason we use wool is because of climate, to keep a cool environment. Lastly the wool has been pre-compressed so you don’t get pronounced body impressions as times goes on.
Third, the next layer is latex foam. Whereas most manufacturers use polyurethane foam we use natural rubber. Rubber has an incredible elasticity that allows a bony shoulder to poke in and provides better body conformation but more importantly the elasticity is a durability factor. Foams break down three ways: compression, stretch and humidity. With and air system containing thousands of ventilating holes there is less humidity. The elastic nature of latex stretches better and provides better conformation over longer periods of time.
Lastly, in this design we are using coils, The coils are able to conform to the body’s curves. As the body lays on these coils, the coils follow the curves of the body in a perpendicular way, providing support for the body, not just at the pressure point os the shoulders and the hips but all the way along the spine. This provides a more dynamic support, a truer support. At the same time, coils have great breath-ability. By individually wrapping them they can move independently. In most American mattresses the coils are connected so that you body has tocompress a whole region to obtain body conformation.
In our all natural latex mattress we have designed a seven zone mattress where the mattress is not a single density from head to foot. Rather it softer at the shoulders and hips, firmer at the back and knees. This allows for dynamic body support not found in a solid block of foam.
In every mattress in our store one side is soft and one side is firm. They don’t have to be made that way but thirty percent of the time we do. In as much as it has been made that way we can modify it after delivery. Most people are not wrong when it come to what side they like and it is very rare that we have to modify one side or the other, but the fact that it can be modified take one of the greatest fears out of the mattress buying process. The greatest fear: ‘what if I don’t like it?’. If you don’t like it, it can be modified.
Now it is just a matter of choosing what is right for you. And believe me you’ll know when you lay on the right mattress. It feels right.
Rest assured you are sleeping on a mattress that is chemically safe and tailor fit.

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