In a world of mass produced mattresses…

In a world where mattresses are: mass produced; sold as “one firmness fits all”; made with unhealthy chemicals that break down and last less than 5 years; and have become one huge shell came where the customer has to guess what’s inside; filling our landfills just as fast as they are produced; and continue to disappoint consumers… why wouldn’t a company: make a mattress that lasts as long as its warranty, use all natural products, perhaps even tailor the sleeping surface for each individual sleeper… and while were dreaming, what if you could change your mattress over time as your bodies changes, we gain weight, lose weight, woman get pregnant, life happens, we evolve… and your mattress should be able to evolve with you. Too Good To be True? Not if you know where to look: the first personally crafted mattress made by a family owned and operated company nestled in a small coastal town in the Northern California Redwoods, meet FloBeds:”

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