How to use DISCOURSE MARKERS (Easily Explained)

Grammarly Writing Support

This video is about discourse markers. They are words or phrases like anyway, right, okay, to begin with, etc, that are used when you start a conversation or even when you finish one.
Thus, we use them to connect, organise and manage what we say or write, and sometimes to express attitude.
The lesson is mainly designated for elementary students who wish to study or review English grammar and vocabulary. However, it would also help students who are at an advanced level who wish to brush up on English grammar.

English Conversation Lessons – #Corsi di #inglese a #Roma, Termini
Marc has been a teacher for over 18 years teaching #English to professionals in Toronto, Canada, and since 1997 in Rome. He has a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Toronto . He is a certified English teacher specialised in EFL, ESL, TOEFL, #IELTS, KET, PET, CAE, FCE, and CPE. Marc is also an Honorary Fellow at the University La Sapienza Unitelma in Rome, Italy.

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