How To Train Yourself To Sleep On Your Back #shorts #sleeptips

Back sleeping has many benefits it's Really helpful for people who have Frequent tension headaches and it can Help open up your sinuses but how do you Train yourself to sleep on your back I'm Going to share a few cool tips first of All you can try placing a pillow under Your knees this can help alleviate a Little bit of tension keep your knees Slightly bent which often helps people Stay on their back throughout the night You can also use a pillow as a barrier By placing it next to you on your side You'll notice that if you try to switch Back over to sleeping in a different Position so this can help train you to Move back to your back speaking of Pillows maybe you just need a new pillow Under your head if it's too flat you Might find your neck craining out of Alignment and you might need to get Something a little bit more supportive And lofty when you're resting on your Back and if you sleep by yourself you Can always try to sleep in the snow Angel position and spread out your arms And legs and take up the entire mattress And if all else fails you can always opt For a more supportive mattress so that Your back stays in the optimal position