This video will help you know more about creating fires from scratch especially if used as an emergency signal! Know how to use them!

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Hi guys and hi uh welcome back so today We will be talking or our topic will be How to start a fire for beginners All right so Let me click on that one all righty So warning building a fire is dangerous And should be done without cauti with Caution Kids under the age of 15 should not Handle fire and it is not a game and it Is never okay to play with fire Never burn plastic in a fire Because harmful Chemicals will be released in the air so Do not throw fireworks of any sword in a Fire because it can hurt people and Damage property so keep children and Pets away from the fire and never leave The fire unattended Alright so fire it is the most important Survival skill you need to know and it Keeps you warm in cold or wet weather Conditions It can also help you cook meat and can Be easily easily seen By the rescuers So That is correct All right so there are five there are Three things that fire requires that is Oxygen fuel and heat so oxygen is Already present in the air And then fuel is a combination of the Things that will actually catch flame

And hold that energy example of that is Wood Dung grasses And the third one is heat so it heat Relies upon friction So it Through friction it will generate Heat All right so things to do to start a Fire from scratch So first is to make a Make or find a sharp edge so if you have A knife that is a no-brainer so that’s Why we’re telling you if you’re going Outside Camping or Hiking or even like you know um a Survival Bag ready with you always have a knife So you haven’t you will be You will have no problems in you know Making or finding a sharp edge so That’ll do but just in case that you are Not ready at that situation So what is important is you know how to Survive using whatever is around you All right so create A sharp edge by banging two rocks Together to produce the sharp and Durable edge so once you have that sharp Edge you can cut the pieces of wood you Need and most importantly modify their Shape to suit them to make the fire So there are two common ways of making

Fire so there is a hand drill And there is a bow drill so as you can See here This is the Um well we call this the primitive Um Way of making fire Because You have no tools Except for What is Around you So there’s no knife there is no Lighter there’s no Um any emergency Or survival kits with you so this one is The most primitive and just in case you Know because sometimes we don’t know if You’re gonna be in trouble and you don’t Know that You don’t have any um survival bags with You or kids so We will go down to the primitive way of Making fires so again Hand drill And bow drill So basically this one is you’re using Your hands to create friction And heat And to make a fire and this one instead Of using your hands you’ll be using a Bow All right So a hand drill fire so this is what

Your Equipment should look like so this one Is this one is we call it the Herth board hearth board this one And this is a Diva a divat Devot Like a circular thing And then once you make the divot you Have to have a notch here So that when you are rubbing Or Putting pressure down downward downwards Pressure and for having a friction here When you are spinning your spindle which Is this is the spindle it will catch all The Um the dust here with your Any leaves or anything here to catch it To catch The what i call this to catch the dust From here that will have the Heat Okay that’s so hard to explain but yeah So basically again Heath board And your heath board should have a divot And a notch and a spindle All right so hand drill fire so rubbing Two sticks together so that’s basically It so you need two pieces the heath Board and the spindle that spins inside Of the heath board And both of both of these pieces needs

To be bone dry because we don’t want to Waste our time and energy in rubbing These pieces together if they are a Little bit wet So I suggest that do not put your heath Board or your spindle anywhere in the Ground that can soak up the Um The moisture so make sure to place them In a in an area where you know you are Pretty sure that it’s really really dry All right so heath board needs to be Made Out of something that is not resinous And has to be a f From a wood and that’s some that’s Somewhat soft And trees like basswood Tulip poplar and cedar are the best Examples for That specific for making a heath board a Hearth board what am i saying hitboard Hearthboard oh the game all right All right so the spindle needs to be Straight and be somewhat soft so there Is like um edges of of course you’re Looking for a stick a specific stick um And there is like the skin of that stick And it’s a little bit bumpy you have to Scratch That area to make it look like this it’s Like you’re skinning um like if for Example it looks like this it has like

Rough edges rough air um rough parts you Have to skin it just like this so it Will create like that it will look like That All right so quick growing plants like Cattail horse weed mullen goldenrod work Perfect as a as uh for spindle So that that quite that is like Um what they call this the most Important um Thing to remember is what type of Spindle that you need so Like a reference cattail horseradish so If you don’t know this kind of trees Well i can make another video for that So i have an idea of what it looks like And you know what’s best for survival Alright so the the hearth board must be Flat at the bottom and quarter inch Thick just like that Because we need the hearth board to be Flat So that when you try to because this Spindle is you’re going to put pressure Downwards So it needs the the It needs this one needs to be stable That’s why there’s a stick here because It’s easier to Put a stick and then Step on stick on this stick so this will Not move Okay All right so create a divat devot

Where the spindle is going to sit and Spin without hopping out so that’s the Purpose of this It should be perfect For this um for your spindle so you have To carved The divot and then you can use the Spindle but not to create fire but to Actually create This defect to have that perfect um Fit for the spindle All right so create a divot where the Spindle is going to sit and spin without Hopping out so create a notch so the Dust will fall there so again this is Where you catch All the dust that Actually has the heat that will help you Create a fire All right so make sure you have your Tinder bundle like for example the Tinder bundle is the cedar bark and That’s going to take the coal That’s going to take that coal and blow It into flame ready all right so clear The area okay if you’re in the woods Make sure that all of the Dry leaves are Very far away from where you’re going to Make fire because you don’t want to Catch Those dry leaves I do you don’t want them to catch a fire And create a huge fire in the forest we

Don’t want to do that to make sure You know to create To create a space Where You You’re sure that once you’re making fire Will not spread The fire anywhere So the boat the best thing is You want to get right down to the bare Minimum mineral soil so that’s where it Is And Then you’re good to go So of course water while you’re You already have your hearth board your Spindle Um Your Area is already ready You have to get all your woods ready There so there’s a specific uh different Types of um like the woods like for Example the sticks like branches you’re Cutting off branches from smallest to Biggest because That’s important you want them to be Ready and Whenever you make a fire Your tinder bundle is there the sticks Are there so it’s easier for you to just Because then we don’t want to lose that Momentum to in creating the fire because We don’t want to waste our time and time

Is really precious if you are in Survival mode All right so get a piece of birch bark To create that ember so you can use a Very dry leaf a small piece of food and Put under the notch you created to Collect the dust just like so this one This is where we collect the ember All right so there are things to look For Make sure that the spindle bottom is not Popping out of the hole so make sure That there’s interfering with your There’s No interfering that should be no sorry Make sure that there’s no interfering With your hands and if your hands is Starting to get dry stop and lick your Hands yes even if it’s dirty you have to Lick your hands so it’s not gonna You know your hands will not get the Friction and it will make you more tired And more and it’s gonna be painful and It will make you stop and creating that Momentum All right make sure you are drying out That board starting to heat it up Starting to generate the dust by moving Very slowly at first okay And then adjust that first and then Eventually when you build that momentum You make sure that you’re creating that Solid movement where It will have friction you’re you’re

Trying to look uh you’re going to see That it’s gonna it’s working that There’s friction because it’s smoking Yeah i’ll see you i’ll let you see that Later so using your entire hand so that Means that’s from tip to the Tip of your fingers To the tip of your palm so all the way Through that you’re going to use that Okay so make sure that your hands are Sliding down the spindle while rotating Your hands It will eventually do that because You’re putting downward pressure again Make sure to have that downward pressure Even when going at the top of the Spindle so when you already reach like Almost a quarter inch or maybe Half an inch or i don’t know depends on You whether how long how low can you go In there You have to make sure to hold the top of The spindle To put that downward pressure and then Go up again at the top and then start With your Rotation again and it will slide down Again so There you go i’m gonna show you a clip I’m just gonna go and Show you what it looks like So that is see You will see um a little bit Of friction that not a little bit but

You will see a friction there because There will be like smoke and this is the Ember that i’m talking you i’m talking About and this is that’s why we have to Have like that to catch this So you have to do that Okay All Right Next one So that’s the umber you have To have that ready and you see it’s Already making that Um heat And then that is your tinder bundle Again make sure it’s out of reach And then you put the ember inside and Make sure you Put like a little blow and not like a Huge blow because we want to make sure That the tinder bundle has enough Spaces to have that airflow like from The air itself so when you already put That um That Ember for example here when you put that Amber here Just Put a little bit of blow into that Tinder just just a little Just a little because you don’t want to Put it out because of how Fast or how Strong your blow is so you’re just like

Guiding it through That Inside of the tinder bundle okay Just like so and then once you see that It’s already make it has already a fire Put the sticks here again that’s why That’s why it’s important to have Your sticks ready because once the Tinder bundle is already on fire you’re Going to put it on the ground put stuck Up all the sticks this the smaller Sticks first and you’re going to build Up like this one Um in creating a fire you have to make Sure that it is from the smallest Um [Music] Sticks and then one is For your building from smallest to Biggest sticks Because uh and also in creating a fire Make sure that there is enough Airflow again increa in putting all the Sticks not make sure that it will have Still have like a good airflow inside of It Okay And then again going forward much more Bigger sticks And then this is what we call tp So from smaller and once again it’s Gonna create from the smallest so you Will see that it’s already burning it’s Getting bigger and

Again this is how you do it this is for A bigger And brighter Um Light especially if you want to be seen So this is important There All right so next up is the bow drill Fire So What we have here is the bow drill so Again it’s the same concept you need to Have a Heather board Her the birther board And then the spindle but what we have And a notch and also a divot and also a Charcoal Char cloth underneath or any any tender Like what you’ve seen a while ago to Catch the ember What is the additional feature for the Bow drill fire is the socket here And the bow So And also the string all right so we’ll Get into that later So bow drill fire so bow drill fire Requires both hearth board and a spindle But also requires a bow and a hand piece So makes fire a lot quicker than Handrail because again less Um Less body movements i guess and um less

Effort yeah that’s why you have it you Will put that all all that energy into Spinning that Spindle using the bow drill so it’s much Easier You can use a wood that is curved or a Straight wood so Again it depends if it’s if it’s curved That’s fine if this tree that’s also Fine so if you don’t have any string you Can use your shoe laces or any natural Plant fibers like dog vein but the Well problem with the plant fibers is It’s um it will break It will break eventually because it’s Plant fibers and it’s Less denser or less you know it’s it’s Gonna break easily if ever But of course when you’re going outside You have shoelaces with you if you’re Wearing boots use that Use that string And um it will save you all right the Handle should be frictionless as Possible which means it should be made Of a hard bacteria which is For example is a oscillator orange shell Hard bone or even a rock this is what I’m telling you the socket here That should be a frictionless Because we’re putting downward pressure And you’re also putting downward Pressure here to create that downward Pressure to the divot

Right so you don’t want this to be Also having a friction Um Like creating a fire on the tip as well We don’t want to do that to make sure That this is Frictionless so example that is the Ostrich orange shell Hard bone or even a rock That had david divat on it so of course You have to put a divot like this To hold that area In place Reduce friction on the string by tilting The string a little down yes you don’t Have to you have to tilt this this String to make so that the strings won’t Get Friction together I’m going to show you later anyway All right So here Air See It’s Creating much Faster because All this weight from this tip to that Tip you’re having that rotation so it’s Of course definitely longer than your Hands it’s creating more friction So there you go So again you will see the ember there Since you’re holding this one the socket

And you will see That All right So i’m not gonna show you anymore about The things to look for because on for The budget because basically it’s just The same you know you want to make sure You have the downward pressure you want To make sure that The string there is not going to be Having a friction together so it will Last definitely and Again Space uh same concept So there is a fire formation Like i told you a while ago in the video It You’ve seen that that is The tp style from smallest to the Largest um logs or Sticks There’s a lean too And there’s a cross stitch and the Pyramid so basically what you need the Simplest is the tp because It will create a bigger fire means you Can see more In the dark and it will create bigger Fire for the wreck for the rescuers to See you All right so always keep that fire alive Especially even In survival or not not in survival mode Always have that fire if you’re in

Survivor survival mode you have that You have you always have that fire In you you have to keep that alive to Make in order for you to survive And you do what you do that’s why it’s Important to know every every The lesson here is You should be ready with or without Any equipments It will make your life easier if you Have that equipment like for like what I’ve shown you in my previous videos Like for the title survival gears you Have the cordage you have the rod sticks You have um Pretty much everything if you’re Complete it will make your life way Easier if you’re in that mode in that Survival mode it will really help you But Again we don’t know when When we’re if you are really ready for a Survival mode And When that happens you should at least Have Um Uh what i call this you should have A basic knowledge to everything To especially if you’re really good if You’re always going out You know even though you’re not going Out unless you have that Basic thing to know like particularly a

Fire because Creating a fire will give you a lot of Benefits creating warmth in your body Creating Signals for the rescuers it can It can boil your water it can Cook your meat It will keep you warm It’s pretty much it will give you light Especially at night it will protect you From Dangerous animals out there so it’s Really really important to know this This is one of the basics so that’s why I i’ve made you this video in order for You to know So again equip yourself with knowledge In terms of survival So creating a fire and also having that Um Boy scout um ready you are you should be Boy scout ready you know you have all The things to make your life easier Basically actually So that will be the end of this video And i hope you did enjoy that video and You’ve learned something from it So Yes so i’ll see you on to the next one And thank you so much for watching have A great day