How to Remove Smoke Smell (and other odors) From a Car

Greg Your Car Angel explains the easiest way on how to remove smoke smells (and other odors) from a car using an ozone generator.
The Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara County affected many homes and cars with smoke damage, especially in Ojai, where these fires were raging. The Thomas fire is now the largest recorded wildfire in California history.
Ozone is a special oxygen molecule that has three oxygen atoms, o3 versus the o2 that you breathe as air. This extra oxygen molecule is what makes ozone a powerful odor removal technique. It does not mask the odor it removes it using no chemicals. The end result is that ozone reverts back to o2.
Greg uses his Lexus LS430 as an example.
Here is the link to a high quality ozone machine: /

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