How to Remove Pet Hair Off Furniture, Clothing and Linens! Easy Cleaning Ideas! (Clean My Space)


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Melissa Maker, cleaning expert, pits 3 pet hair removal tools against each other to see which one comes out on top!

Tara1979Tara (who is called 1979Tara1979 in the video – LOL) asked: Hey Melissa, how do I remove pet hair from my upholstery?

Melissa shows how to remove cat and dog hair from a duvet cover using a lint roller brush, a rubber pet hair brush, and the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

In the video, we find that the rubber brush does not work very well, that the lint roller works well but requires a lot of ‘maintenance’ due to the stickers filling up quickly and creating a lot of garbage, and finally, the Pledge Fabric Sweeper requires some extra passes to get all of the hair up but because it’s so easy to use and quite effective, we love it.

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