How To Prevent Sheets from Pilling

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Those pesky fuzz balls on your sheets? Those actually have a name! When this happens, your sheets are doing something called “pilling.” Be sure to check out our video for all the details for what to do when this happens!

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0:00 How to Prevent Sheets from Pilling Overview
0:59 What Is Pilling?
1:29 Why Do Sheets Pill?
2:08 How To Prevent Pilling
2:56 How To Fix Pilling
3:40 What Sheets Don’t Pill?
4:36 Wrap Up

The phenomenon of when fibers in a set of sheets start to break down and tangle is known as pilling. This can be rather unsightly to see on your sheets, and may even be uncomfortable to use depending on how widespread the pilling is.

Sheets pill for a number of reasons: the materials aren’t very high quality, you’re using water and dry cycles that are too hot, or using too many harsh chemicals in the wash as well. Pilling can also happen from just general wear and tear as you use them due to friction.

There are a few ways to prevent this from happening. You can use lower heat settings in the wash and dry cycles. You could also opt for percale weave sheets, which do a better job of resisting pilling over sateen weave sheets. If pilling does happen, you can use a lint roller or a pair of scissors to remove. But if pilling is happening, and your sheets look thin, it’s time to replace them.

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Everyone wants their sheets to last Forever Okay well if not forever then a very Long time and when sheets start to pill That's a good sign that they might be on Their way out but what if you just Bought that set of sheets and they're Already showing signs of pilling what's Up world it's Tony the Sleep accessories Editor for Mattress Clarity and in Today's video I'm going to go over what Pilling sheets are how they happen what To do when it happens and how to prevent It as well let's get started [Music] Before I get too far in this video I do Need to mention that mattress Clarity Does get products sent to us for free For us to test out and if you use any of Our affiliate links in the description Box below to purchase any of those Products we may earn a commission from That purchase but this just helps fund Our operations and keeps our content Free for you guys [Music] Those pesky little fuzz balls that pop Up on your sheet they have a name and That's pilling or when sheets start to Pill this usually occurs because of Friction buildup in your sheets be it From you changing positions during the Night or rubbing your feet on the sheets And it can even happen from General wear

And tear and repeated washing but Regardless pilling happens because the Fibers within your sheets start to break Down and then they start to tangle up So in addition to that friction buildup In general wear and tear sheets can pill For a few different reasons as well the Materials might not be very high quality And durable and are more prone to Breaking down over a shorter period of Time and the weave style can play a role Too per kale weave sheets are much Better at being pilling resistant than Satin weaves also when you're washing Your sheets you may be exposing them to The wrong heat temperature generally Sheets are going to break down much Faster if you're using the higher or the Highest heat setting either in the Washing machine or the dryer Foreign So now that we know what pilling is and How it happens the question becomes how Do I stop it from happening well it all Has to do with how you take care of your Sheets when it comes to washing your Sheets it's better to use a cold or a Lukewarm water cycle I know hot water Cycles have their benefits but when it Comes to durability cold water is better For your sheets also think about Reducing the amount of detergent or Harsh chemicals that are going into your Wash Cycles because harsh chemicals can

Eat away at the fibers within your Sheets finally drying obviously let's Stick with theme Here use a low or Medium heat cycle to dry your sheets or If you have the ability to remove the Heat element altogether and line or air Dry your sheets Foreign [Music] Balls on your sheets how can you get rid Of them well I've got a few tips and Home remedies that you can use to get Rid of pilling to start if the pills are Loose enough you can run a lint roller Over your sheets and that should make Them good as new however if they're more Prominent and sturdy and not coming up With the lint roller you can use a cheap Razor and run it over your sheets or if You don't have a cheap razor you can use Some scissors to snip away those pills Obviously with these two options Exercise caution because we don't want To rip holes in our sheets but if sheets Are going to look thin and they're Pilling it might be a good sign to just Get some new sheets [Music] So now you might be thinking to yourself Well what sheets don't pill and can I Get those sheets instead truth be told The sheets are going to pill eventually In some shape or fashion it's just that Some are better at being pill resistant

Than other sheets as I mentioned earlier In the video per kale weave sheets are Very pill resistant and do a better job At staying pill free over sateen weave Sheets also look at the materials that Make up your sheets natural materials Such as bamboo cotton or tinsel are very Durable materials and will resist pills Much more than synthetic materials like Polyester although in the case of cotton You might want to be a little extra Thorough look for a long staple cotton Because as the name suggests these Cotton fibers are very long and Therefore very durable and while more Expensive Linens and silks do a very Good job at being pill resistant if they Even pill at all Well there you have it some tips and Tricks on how to prevent sheets from Pilling or what to do when your sheets Are already pilling if you want to read More about sheets and bedding and Mattresses you can find it at and if it is time For you to get a new set of sheets I've Got some affiliate links in our Description box below I'll see you next Time bye Foreign [Music] [Applause]