How to Move a Mattress – Easy Way to Package and Protect Your Bed


Are you moving? Learn how to move a mattress the easiest way.

Supplies needed:
Heavy Duty Mattress bag: ( these are 4 mil)
** OR **
Roll of mattress bags (25):
** OR **
Painter’s Plastic:

** AND/OR **
Tie down straps:

Packing tape with tape gun:

Amore Mattress $150 off plus 2 free pillows: this is the brand we demonstrated on and it has springs.

We moved a FULL size bed. We’ve tested this method on every size mattress.

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You spent a lot of money on your mattress, now you need to protect it when you move. Don’t let it get dirty (or you’ll need our future video about how to clean a mattress!).

Even if you are just moving a bed upstairs, this method can help you carry a mattress! Even if you’re moving a mattress alone.

We show you 2 methods to help you cover and carry your mattress: the mattress bag method and the painter’s plastic method.

Most people try to move and transport a mattress flat which is unwieldy and very difficult. Others put the mattress in a truck or on top of a van uncovered, leaving it exposed to mud, dirt, rain and weather.

If your mattress gets dirty, please see our video on “how to clean a mattress:

Not mentioned in the video – you can also use a reusable mattress bag – we recommend Britwrap – this will pay for itself if you move frequently or need to use it several times.

If you need to move a mattress upstairs or to move a mattress by yourself, this folding method can help. You can use a dolly. We can fit a king size mattress in the back of an SUV with the passenger seat all the way forward.

This works to move a Purple mattress (which is quite heavy). Works on an all foam mattress or a hybrid mattress (has springs) as long as it’s not too thick. It’s difficult to fold a mattress thicker than 12”.

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