How to learn Java in 3 months – ጃቫ ፕሮግራሚንግከሀእስከ ፐ

Learning java programming is very challenging. Many people want to learn java, but they don’t know where to start learning java. Here in this video I will explain from where and how to start learning Java.

How to learn java in 3 months is produced in Amharic, it has limited English. I try to make learning Java as easy as possible by presenting it in simple and understandable words. Be warned #learning #java in three months is not an easy task, but it will be something that you will enjoy.

#learnjava in three months video will try to show you the how tos in Amharic and the video focuses mostly for Ethiopian and Eritrean who are able to understand English and have a laptop or a desktop so that they can learn Java programming within three months.

ጃቫ ፕሮግራሚንግ ከሀ እስከ ፐ

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