How To Inflate Your Towable


How to video on how to properly inflate your towable tubes. Proper inflation of your tables is essential for the long term life of your towable tubes.
Be sure and inflate your towables to maximum capacity, when an adult is kneeling or standing on the towable tube the bladder of the towable should only soften slightly. While the towable is on the water, most of the time the inside bladder of a towable with deflate slightly. If the towable is not fully inflated this could cause the towables bladder to burst leaving you with a hole in the bladder to repair or replace at a later time.

Also, while not using the towable make sure you deflate it if you won’t be using for a long period of time. The heat from the sun will expand the bladder, if you tube is already inflated this could cause the towables bladder to expand and the chance of a hole forming in the bladder increases. We recommend while not riding the towable that you deflate the tube by 25% while not using it. If your storing it for long periods of time we would recommend you totally deflating you towable tube. If you don’t want to do that or can’t for some reason at the minimum we recommend that you deflate the towables by a minimum of 50%

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