How to grow money plant TOTALLY in water – COMPLETE Guide

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How to grow money plant TOTALLY in water – Complete Guide : In this video I am going to show you How to grow money plant in water complete guide. This video is ablou how to grow the lucky money plant at home or how to take care money plant for wealth prosperity and feng shui. I will show you money plant in water , money plant decoration ideas. Do you want to learn money plant ko kaise lagaye aur money plant ke fayde ? Then you have come to correct place . In this video I will show you how to fertilize money plant or how to make fertilizer for money plant tree. That will keep your money tree healthy and green even without coir stick. You can keep this money plant indoor that will encourage bigger leaves on money plant. I am Ayan from Bonsai Tricks and a Lot more.

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Hello friends this is Ayan and welcome you in the youtube channel
Bonsai Tricks and a Lot More
Today I will show you how to grow Money Plant or Money Tree totally in water
To grow money plant or to take care of money plant
fertilizer spray is needed. I will teach how to make fertilizer spray at home.
Money Plant is best for Vastu or feng shui.
That will make you rich and bring luck .
I am going to share some secret tips
in this video.
Watch the tutorial till end for secret tips and tricks.
First of all you need to prepare cuttings
for money plant.
Hindi ( Same as English )..
The length of cuttings should be between 6-7 inches.
Keep these cuttings in water.
And change the water on every alternative day.
Friends , can you see after 10 days it has rooted ?
Beautiful roots has come out after 10 days.
Now we have to make a bundle
out of these rooted money plants.
We will remove some of these lower leaves.
Otherwise it will get rotten in water.
That will make water bad for your money tree.
Prune lower leaves to the water level.
Money plants brings prosperity in you life.
Always tie this knot loosely
Otherwise it will kill your plant.
Friends , don’t ever keep mpney plant in full sun.
Always keep in semi shaded area.
Now you have to place your rooted cuttings
in water.
Rain water is best for this
but if you can’t collect rain water
Then keep water in open bucket
overnight or for 24 hours
That will remove harmful chemicals from water.
Let’s talk about
How to change the water in 5 easy steps
Take a shampoo bottle
Remove the top lid.
Now take a piece of pipe
Open the lid
This should be tight fit.
Now pull it with a pliers.
And make a hole in the bottom.
Make a small hole at the bottom of your shampoo bottle.
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I have forgotten to mention one thing
When you are changing water
then move the pipe all around
to remove all rotten leaves.
Turn your pipe here and there
to remove all the debris.
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Now, let’s talk about fertilizer.
Take 20-20-20 NPK fertilizer
I am taking half spoon
I am keeping water over night
Now mix half spoon NPK fertilizer.
Mix it very well
It is very necessary. If you don’t take it seriously
and mix it quickly then you may kill your plant.
So, mix it thoroughly.
And give it to your money plant.
That will keep your money plant healthy and happily growing.
I have shown the result in the end of the video. So watch the video till end.
Hindi ( same as English )…
Now let’s learn how to make fertilizer spray .
Let’s start the journey to learn
How to make fertilizer spray.
Take 1/4 tablespoon of
NPK fertilizer.
And dissolve in 1 liter water.
Now add water.
Keep water 24 hours in open bucket
as you have done earlier.
Now screw the lid on it.
And shake it vigorously.
Friends if you face any difficulties to understand this video,
please contact me by putting a comment in the
comment section below . I will happily help you.
Spray two times per week.
Can you see how much the leaves has grown
in just 5 days ?
Now friends , look at
the unbelievable growth in 1 Month.
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Hindi ( Same as English ) ..
Money plant is best for vastu or feng shui .
It will bring good luck and money to your home .
Now there will be shower of money / be happy from core
I am yours beloved Ayan / From Bonsai Tricks and a Lot More.
Good Bye.

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