How To Fluff Your Pillow – Three EASY Strategies!

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*Big shout out to the folks at Layla for the financial support and for giving us this super soft Layla Sleep pillow to use for our video!*

There’s more than one way to fold a pillow! In fact, there are three easy ways to make sure your pillow is super soft and fluffy when you go to rest your head at night:

1. Fluffing by hand
2. Fluffing in the dryer
3. Fluffing naturally outside (fresh air!)

In this video, we’ll cover the step-by-step instructions for how to fluff your pillow each of these three ways. This will work on all pillows with filling that’s in pieces, such as down, down alternative polyester microfibers, Kapok fibers, or shredded foam chunks or pieces. Fluffing your pillow allows air to come in between all these pieces and lets them expand again.

Fluffing your pillow is also good for your sleep health. It ensures that your pillow has the right loft, firmness, and feel that it’s meant to have.

Follow the care instructions on your pillow if you’re thinking about putting it in the dryer. In some cases, a full cycle isn’t necessary and you will also need to make sure the heat setting is right. For example, setting a down pillow on a high dryer heat can result in burned feathers. (I learned the hard way!)

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