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How to fit your ResMed CPAP full face mask

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How to fit your ResMed CPAP full face mask


You may need to adjust your CPAP full face mask to get a comfortable fit. Here are step by step instructions to help you get it right. When you have sleep apnea you need a mask that helps give you the sleep you need to enjoy every day. Visit to learn more about innovative compact full face masks used for sleep apnea therapy.
Fitting a CPAP full face mask properly depends a great deal on your position. Facial muscles change when we lie down and relax even further once we’re asleep, so you may prefer to fit the mask while you’re in your sleeping position. Whether you sleep in a bed with no pillows or in a recliner, you may prefer to fit your mask in your usual sleeping position.. If you experience difficulties in fitting your mask, please refer to your mask user guide for complete fitting instructions or discuss it with your care provider or equipment supplier.

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