How to Fit a King Size Mattress in an SUV!!

Puffy Lux

Have you ever tried to get a king size mattress into the back of an SUV? It’s possible, but you need to know the right method!

If the mattress is too thick or your SUV isn’t wide or long enough, we show you how to safely transport your mattress on top of a car, sedan, van, or even a golf cart!

SUPPLIES Featured in Video (affiliate links):
➡️Heavy Duty Mattress bag: ( these are 4 mil)
➡️Tie down straps:
➡️Not Shown but like: Reusable mattress bag that zips
➡️Cargo Liner

➡️Puffy Mattress this is the brand we demonstrated on. It’s a king size Puffy Lux (12 inches deep).

These are affiliate links.

Transporting a king size mattress, queen or other size mattress is easier when you fold them in half and use tie down straps. You can fit a king size mattress in an SUV!

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