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Disable Openload Pair in Kodi 17.6 and then you will not need any authorization to watch stream which has openload links. Openload stream authorization (olpair) is highly inconvenient to any Kodi user because the hassle that it gives to a user to go to a browser and then carry out their well-planned pairing scam. There is a bigger picture than what meets the common eye because openload is running an advert popup scam which pops up when we click on pair. That popup tries to sell us software by telling that our device is infected but in reality, it is a fake message trying to get a hold of our device and scam our details and money.

It is fine till openload is trying to make money from adverts but giving false popups is a big problem. Its all lies and deceit were openload says hey you are a lucky winner or your computer is infected. These are very old tricks so i know and show you in the video what they are doing and how they are doing.

Watch the full video and you will understand how they are carring out this process and how you can block the openload authorization or in other words how you can block the openload pair in Kodi. You can disable it watch the video and know how. If you face any issues let me know and i willbe glad to help you out. Please share and save others from this scam.

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