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We’re continuing our series on how to create a newsletter and today I’m going to share with you my 5 tips for what to put in a newsletter. Stick around:

1. Header – This is one of the most important elements and it’s probably the most over looked. Think about it, when someone clicks on your newsletter, this is the first thing they’ll see. If it’s plain and or not appealing, then they probably won’t look any further.

2. Fonts – Try not to go overboard here. Simple is better. Try to stick with standard, easy to read fonts. Also, it’s best to stick with 1 no more than 2 fonts for your newsletter. Using too many fonts can make the newsletter look disorganized and less professional. Even though you want your newsletter to look personal, you still want it to look professionally done.

3. Subheadings/sections – Your newsletter should have at least a few different pieces of content or “sections”. By separating these elements it helps give uniformity to your newsletter and will give your subscribers a familiarity and continuity they can come to rely on. For example, you may start off by talking about the past week, then go into plans for the coming week, etc., there should be a clear transition between these sections.

4. Images/videos – No one likes to read a wall of text, so break things up by adding in images and videos that your audience would be interested in. Depending on your audience, this could be a picture of your writing space, a potential cover design, an image of your inspiration wall, whatever you think they’ll be interested in. Maybe even something as simple as a meme style inspirational quote. Again, something to break up the wall of text and add color and variety to your newsletter.

5. Call To Action – Just like with your books, your newsletter should have some form of call to action. It can be as simple as check out the pre-order to your next book, visit your website, ask a question and have a link where they can email you the response. Something that requires them to take action!

This step should not be overlooked or underestimated. While it’s great to have subscribers read your newsletters, it’s the ones that take action, that can become your super fans. These are people who took an extra step, they sent an email, clicked the link, whatever you asked them to do in your Call to Action.

Virtually every email marketing platform has a way of tracking both newsletter reads as well as clicks. You can then use this information to really amp up your email marketing game. But I’ll save that for another video.

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