How To Compress, Fold And Roll Up A Memory Foam Mattress – Bed In a Box Secrets!

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If you have ordered a mattress online, often it will arrive in a (relatively) small box. Many people ask me how it’s possible that a mattress can fit into such a small box, and what it will look like when it comes out.

When I visited the Brentwood Home factory, I saw first hand how they handle a mattress (answer: a huge expensive machine). The process is definitely pretty fun to watch! Thanks to Brentwood Home for letting me take a little footage.

Just remember that if you buy a bed-in-a-box, more often than not it will show up at your home inside of a box looking exactly how this mattress does at the end of the video. You’ll notice how long it takes to compress the mattress to get it flat and vacuum sealed. When you’re opening up your mattress, be sure to take caution! When the vacuum seal is cut, the mattress wants to expand rapidly. You’ll hear the air rushing out of the plastic.

Overall, it was really fun to watch how mattresses are compressed, rolled up and put in a box. It’s incredible how far technology has come, and it amazes me that this method has made the process of buying a mattress much more accessible and affordable.

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